Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home Stretch to Christmas!

Hello! Happy Sunday once again! This upcoming week cannot go by fast enough! I simply cannot wait for the holiday week! So much excitement coming up!

Last week was long, but my workouts were awesome! Here's my weekly recap!

Tuesday I got up at 5:15 and went for a run. It was cold, but sooo amazing. I love the quiet peace of a dark early morning run, and it's even quieter when it's cold. A few houses had their Christmas lights lit up, so that was fun, too! I went 2.5 miles, just under 30 minutes-- perfect!

 Tuesday night I had PiYo! I mixed up the sections in the Lesson, to keep our bodies from the dreaded plateau. OMG so effective! We did the Lunge track at the end, and WOW! tough. :) Loved it!

Wednesday I got up early (again! YAY!) and did TurboFire HIIT 25. The only downside to doing HIITs first thing in the morning, is that it takes a bit for my back to feel warm, so I can't push quite as hard as I could otherwise until I get warm. But, I like getting it done, and I like that my metabolism is revving for the whole day!

Wednesday night, was PiYo again! I was feeling sassy on Wednesday, and my class was super packed, so the energy was HIGH! I felt really "on," and I really really had fun with this class! Upped the advanced layers in the Core track, so that was UBER challenging too! :)
I wore my new black white and shell pink Speed Shorts (LOVE!), and my Pow Pink No Limits tank!
Another shot of the outfit. I really liked it, hee hee. :)

Thursday I went to BodyCombat again! I didn't think I liked BodyCombat but it's soooo different from what I am used to, and it challenges my body in new ways, so I gave it another try! I wasn't so uncoordinated this time, so I enjoyed it a little more, and will definitely be going back. :)

Friday I rested.  I had a Christmas party Saturday night, so I took a pic of that outfit, too.

I wore a bordeaux sweaterdress from Victoria's Secret, and my heathered black Wunder Unders. Flats from Express!
Saturday I just had one PiYo. I had a sub for my 8am class, simply because I knew I'd be out late on Friday. Our class was small, but we still had fun! 
I wore my new Speed Shorts (yes, again) and my black No Limits tank! :)
When I got home I did TurboFire HIIT 20! Perfect workout day. :)
Today I intended to run, but it was chilly, and I had a lot of errands to run (I know, excuses, excuses!) so I just rested instead. I promise I'll jump a lil higher in Turbo tomorrow to make up for it. :) 
To run errands I wore my new Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover and black Wunder Unders with Uggs. So cozy!
I stayed on track with my nutrition and calorie budget most of the week! May have eaten too much at the party Friday night, and also may or may not have had way too much wine. :)
Here's the dinner menu for the coming week!

Monday: Pot pies and salad with homemade ranch
Tuesday: TACO TUESDAY! I use Quorn meatless grounds, only 90 cals per serving!
Wednesday: Roasted red pepper tomato soup (I like Pacific brand) and grilled cheese
Thursday: Spaghetti and garlic bread (I like Barilla plus whole-grain spaghetti!)
Friday: OUT!
Saturday/Sunday: TBA!
For lunches, I got some mix and match items: 
Turkey burgers
Amy's Enchiladas
Evol chicken and lime burrito
Tuna for a tuna salad sandwich
And, last but not least, here's my workout plan for next week!
Monday: TURBO! Our last class at Evolve. This will be bittersweet!
Tuesday: Early morning run and PiYo!
Wednesday: TurboFire HIIT 20 and PiYo!
Thursday: Cycling/BodyCombat/4-mile run/whatever I feel like!
Friday: rest
Saturday: PiYo x2! This will be my very last class at Evolve. Sad to see this chapter end, but excited for what's to come.
Sunday: RIPPED/4-mile run/TurboFire/whatever I feel like!
I can't wait for Christmas and family time!!!  Push hard this week, my dears, so you can eat those sugar cookies, guilt-free! 


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