Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Recap and Plan!

Hellooooo, and happy Monday, friends! Did you survive? My weekend FLEW BY, and then it was SO cold this morning, I could hardly bear to leave the house! The wind was killer!

So how did you all do on your workouts last week? Did you get them in?! Here's my recap:

Monday was Turbo! I felt like I was coming down with a GERM, so I took it a little "easy" compared to the usual. It was hard to do b/c I get so excited during Turbo and I just want to PUSH!

I wore my Indigo Stripe Speed Shorts, and my Pow Pink No Limits Tank

Tuesday I still felt a germ trying to take me down, so I didn't do any cardio, but I did teach PiYo at Refinery, and my class was awesome! I love PiYo sooo much b/c it doesn't get easy, even when we have had the same Lesson for awhile!

Wednesday I felt better and thought I'd do some TurboFire before PiYo, but as the day wore on, I felt kinda iffy, so I just stuck with PiYo again! Ditto the awesome class thing again!

I wore my Clam Diggers and my Blush Quartz No Limits Tank
Thursday is MY workout day, so I had a long internal debate over what to do! My options were Cycling, TurboFire, or BodyCombat, and I ended up going with Combat. This workout is way out of my comfort zone, and WAY different from Turbo. It's super athletic, and super SERIOUS kickboxing! My coordination was a little... off (say what?! That never happens to me! But yeah. It did). I was flailing and off-beat a few times. Crazy! But it was a great workout, and I was glad I went!

Friday... I woke up sick. A whole week of taking echinacea like a maniac, and chugging water every hour, and it didn't hit me til Friday?! Seriously? I came home early from work and took a long nap. I was STARVING for carbs all day. I read an article that says, if you're craving something when you're sick, eat it, b/c your body is needing something! So, I ate a bunch of toast. :)

Saturday I woke up feeling a lot better. I guess all that echinacea did pay off! I taught my two PiYo classes, and tried to conserve a little energy for my PiYo practical exam at 4pm! I went for Gold, which just means "exceptional form" basically. I think it went well, but I don't have my results yet. :)
I wore my Groove pants, and my Flash Power Y!
Sunday, I was just lazy. I shop shop shop shopped, and it was exhausting. So I laid around the rest of the evening, and ate pizza. Woops. 
I did get a new makeup pallet by Too Faced and went back to my tried and true DiorShow Waterproof Blackout Mascara. I will not stray again! Love that stuff!!
Back on track today! It was Turbo day and a brand new Round! So. Much. Fun. I am sure going to miss my Evolve Turbo girls! (more about this later)
This is my Blush Quartz Swiftly and my black and pink mist Speed Shorts.
For class I ditched the Swiftly and wore my silver gray Power Y. 
All in all, I did pretty well on the nutrition front over the past week, other than a serious pig out at Ruby Tuesday on Saturday night, and of course the pizza last night. (But hey! It was veggie pizza! That counts for something! hehe!)
Here's the meal plan for this week's dinners:
Tonight: Pot Pies and steamed broccoli. Yummo. Had enough cals leftover for a glass of wine. 
Tuesday: Baked Quorn "chicken" nuggets, mashed potatoes, salad with homemade ranch. 
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner.
Thursday: Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup and grilled cheese. 
Saturday/Sunday: TBA!

And FINALLY, the workout plan for this week!

Monday: Turbo (DONE!)
Tuesday: Run 2.5, PiYo
Wednesday: TurboFire HIIT, PiYo
Thursday: Run/BodyCombat/Cycling/Whatever I feel like! Some kind of cardio
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo x2!
Sunday: Cardio TBA-- whatever I feel like again!

How about you, my fitness friends? Do you have a plan? Have you written it down? It's the only way to stay on track this holiday season, for me at least! Noooo weight gain for us!! Share your plan with me! Comment here, or post it on Facebook! 

Talk to you soon! 

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