Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap!

Happy Monday, friends! You survived the post-holiday Monday blues! I had them REALLY bad this morning, but felt much better as the day went by. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great, but I definitely ate too much. I did, however, workout HARD in preparation for this, so I am SO happy to say, I did not gain a single pound! WOO!

Here's my weekly recap!

Monday was Turbo, HIIT style, per usual. We had extra fun last week, and hopefully got a new girl hooked on Turbo! :)

Tuesday was just PiYo at Refinery. That extra cardio workout just didn't happen. PiYo was great, though! Since we have been doing the Lesson for several weeks now, I encouraged my regulars (and myself) to really start to push harder-- squat lower, do an extra pushup on our toes, lunge deeper, etc.-- and WOW! What a difference this made! I felt like it was the first time I had done it!

Wednesday morning I got up and did TurboFire HIIT 30 at 5:30. This is hard on my back that early in the morning, so I did the warmup twice through, and took it a little lower impact on the first drill. After that, I pushed!!! I sipped some R&R to help prevent soreness, and to help me get through, since I cannot eat breakfast before a morning workout that early! That stuff is a life saver!

Wednesday night was PiYo again, at the Y. Same thing as Tuesday-- encouraged those of us who have been doing it to really start to focus and push. Two nights in a row... I thought I might die. :)

I wore my Pretty Pink No Limits Tank, and my Zella Live In Capris. :)

Thursday-- THANKSGIVING! In preparation for pie and stuffing, I team taught a special Turbo Kick class at Refinery at 8am. We did a combination of Rounds, and the energy was off the CHAIN! I taught Recovery and Finale (MODULATOR!) and I am pretty sure we burned 234857203948572034 calories. HA! But seriously, crazy good workout, and so much fun! I loved it!

I wore my Indigo Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts, and my black Scoop tank. I was already sweaty in this pic, hehe.

Thursday afternoon, I headed to my mom's for some family time. We cooked, and ate, and ate, and ate some more. :) We had wine, and just chatted and relaxed. It was wonderful!

Friday I rested. More family time, and my BFF joined us for some girl time, some Mexican food, and more relaxing. I stayed up WAY too late (3am!) which hasn't happened for well, maybe years!

Meg and me at El Rancherito. <3 

Saturday morning, we all went to get manis/pedis! I was super sleepy from my ridiculous late night, but it was worth it! I got my nails done with shellac, which HOPEFULLY will cure me of this lifelong nail biting habit I have! 

Rew and me at the Green Door Spa. :)

My adorable nails! Love it!

Saturday afternoon, I had intended to go for a run. However, I napped for 2 hours instead, so I rested another day. 

Sunday I headed back home, feeling SO excited to have a full week off at Christmas, but also super glad to get back to my normal eating habits. I got back in time to head to the gym for R.I.P.P.E.D., which was tough, but not as bad as I had imagined. However, we did do 923485729034875 pushups, so I am SUPER sore today! (You KNOW I love it, though!)

Today was back at it, and my fave workout--TURBO! It was a rough workout tonight, though. I had trouble with my asthma, so I couldn't push as hard as I wanted to, but we still did 4 Turbo's, plus Finale, so I think I still did ok. :)

I wore my Blush Quartz sparkly Speed Shorts, and my black No Limits Tank (new!)

SO, like I said, feeling so glad to be back to normal eating habits! I stayed well below my calorie budget today, drank my Shakeology, and plan to stick with it all week! Here's what I got for this week's dinner plan:

Monday: Pot pies (found some with only 340 cals!), and side salads with homemade ranch.
Tuesday: Tacos with Quorn (TONS of protein, and low cal!)
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner.
Thursday: Baked chicken with baked potatoes and broccoli.
Friday: date night-- OUT!
Saturday/Sunday: TBA!

Monday (done!): Turbo!
Tuesday: PiYo
Wednesday: TurboFire HIIT 25 in the morning, PiYo in the evening
Thursday:  either run 3 miles in the morning, or possibly spin class after work
Friday: rest
Saturday: PiYox2 (MISSED you guys last week!)
Sunday: Run, or R.I.P.P.E.D., or TurboFire, whatever I feel like!

How about you?? What's your get-back-on-track plan? Do you have one? You need to WRITE IT DOWN and stick with it! No holiday weight gain for us. :)

Cheers to a great week, friends!

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