Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holidays Are Coming!

Helloooo! Happy End of Daylight Savings Time! I love love love this time. Although I don't particularly like how early it gets dark, I DO love having more light in the mornings. SO much easier to get up! Plus, now it really feels like the holidays are coming!

Speaking of approaching holidays, I have found myself more tempted by chocolate the last couple of weeks than I normally am. I think that staying on track this holiday season is going to be tougher than I expected. I'm in the midst of a second round of INSANITY, so I'm going to try to remember that I do NOT want to undo all my hard work whenever I feel tempted by sweets and snacks! I'm setting my calorie budget, and sticking to it with some extra planning this week!

Here's my weekly workout recap!

Monday was Glow in the Dark TurboKick! This was SO.MUCH.FUN.!! I cannot believe I didn't get any pics, but we wore glow bracelets and necklaces, and did Turbo's after each section, for a total of 4, plus Modulator Finale (my fave Finale EVER!) I was a hot mess after!! I am sure that our calorie burn was through the roof!

I wore my Pretty Pink No Limits Tank, and my black and Pig Pink Turbo shorts. Comfy and cute. :)

Tuesday morning I dragged my booty up at 5:15 and did Cardio Power and Resistance. This is my least favorite INSANITY workout, but I took some Energy and Endurance Formula first, and that helped me power through! Also, I sipped some Results and Recovery Formula during my workout, since I cannot eat in the morning before I do INSANITY. It wasn't horrible. :)

Tuesday evening was glow-in-the-dark PiYo at Refinery! This was also a blast! We had a large class (15, I think?) and everyone was glowing and having fun! We spent a few minutes getting the glow sticks on, so that took up part of our workout, but we pushed hard, and powered through and still got our booties kicked!

For PiYo, I wore my new Polar Cream/Glen Check Wunder Unders and my black Scoop tank. I'm still undecided on these pants on me, but they are so comfy, I think I love them. I'll give them a couple more tries to be sure. What do you think?!

Wednesday I just did glow-in-the-dark PiYo again, this time at the Y! The room wasn't * quite * dark enough, but it was still fun. Not many people, since it was Halloween, and trick-or-treat night but we had a room full of energy, just the same. :)

Wednesday was my favorite outfit. :) I wore my black Zella capris from Nordstrom, and my Flash Power Y. I have never loved a color as much as Flash. :)  Also, I love how toned my arms look in this pic! :)

Thursday I got up at 5 (again!!) and did INSANITY Pure Cardio. This workout is hard b/c there are no breaks, but it was NOT as hard as I had remembered. Love seeing improvement! Thursday night is my "off" night so we went out to dinner, and I *may* have had too much wine. :)

Friday is normally my rest day, but since I was heading to my mom's for the weekend on Saturday, I knew I wouldn't want to workout on Sunday. I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit after work. Not going to lie, I did NOT want to do it. I had to FORCE myself, and even once I pushed play, it was tough to push like I normally do. However, I did it, I sweated, I got through it. And I was glad I did. :)

Saturday was double PiYo day! My favorite! Big classes at both the Y and at Evolve! I had a warm fuzzy moment or two on Saturday, as I realized how much I truly love being able to share this amazing workout with others. It's such an empowering and strengthening class.

Saturday I wore my other new Wunder Unders in heathered black and my white and gray Scoop Me Up Tank. These pants are amazing. So comfortable, and so flattering! Love them! I plan to also wear them with tunic sweaters and Ugg boots. :)

Today I rested.  And bought this:
I'll let you know how it is! I am super excited to have it with my coffee in the morning. :)

Here's my workout plan for next week. I am trying to follow the INSANITY calendar, but I want to finish it in 60 days this time, so I am substituting PiYo for Cardio Recovery, skipping whatever workouts are on the calendar for Saturday, and subbing in TurboKick for Monday's workout. * whew*

Monday: TurboKick Round 32
Tuesday: Pure Cardio in the morning, PiYo after work
Wednesday: PiYo (in place of Cardio Recovery)
Thursday: Cardio Power and Resistance
Friday: Rest, or Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs (depends how I feel)

Saturday: PiYo x2
Sunday: Rest, or Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs (depends on Friday)

We have lots of healthy food stocked in the cabinets, so staying on track with my calorie plan should be a little easier too. :) For dinners, I have planned:

~ Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds (only 90 calories for a HUGE serving!)
~ Breakfast for dinner (delish, and easy to control cals!)
~ Chinese-style stir-fry with Quorn meatless chicken substitute (also only 90 cals for a huge serving!)
~ Turkey wraps and homemade broccoli cheddar soup

Lunches are simple, turkey sandwiches, and a couple frozen organic burritos, plus taco leftovers one day!

I'm still struggling with reevaluating what my goals are for my fitness at this point. I am loving just getting more fit, and seeing improvement with INSANITY, and while I'd like to spot-reduce some fat on my tummy and arms, considering that isn't possible, I don't really want to lose a ton of weight. I like my size for the most part... Still pondering on this, as I have never NOT had a weight-loss goal before-- hopefully will have some definable goals by next week! :)

Looking forward to a bright morning tomorrow!! Do you prefer Daylight Savings Time, or normal time change?

Cheers to a new week, my friends! <3
~Julie xoxo

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