Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catch Up!

Wow! I haven't blogged for a month almost! OOPS! I got off track on vacation, I guess! So, I'll do a quick catch up post today!

On vacation, I "recovered," did some yoga, walked, and ran once on the beach. It felt good to give my body a break.

This is my "skinny pic" of the trip, in my favorite swimsuit. Kinda crazy how I felt super skinny running around in a swimsuit for a week...?! Not one single fat day in Florida!

When I got back from vaca, I started month 2 of INSANITY. I do not like it as much, but that's mostly just because the workouts are longer. 55-60 minutes versus 45 minutes doesn't SEEM like a huge deal, but it makes it really difficult for me to get the workouts done in the early mornings. I need that extra 15 minutes of sleep, man! haha! Anyway, I am doing INSANITY 3 days a week now, and following the calendar, although I do frequently substitute Fast & Furious for Max Cardio (again, because of the time issue).

Here's a workout recap of the last week or so:

Last Wednesday I did INSANITY bright and early in the morning! It is harder for me to push myself that early, but I love having it done. Wednesday night I taught PiYo. We had a huge class, and it was so much fun!

I wore my Dewberry Stripe Power Y from Lululemon, and my fave Clam Digger II crops. Super comfy and functional.

Thursday was R.I.P.P.E.D.! We had a lot of technical difficulties in the studio, but once we got going, we had a great workout! I hadn't done this class for so long, I forgot how challenging it is! I had some Results and Recovery Formula with me that I sipped during the workout, and it definitely helped keep me from 'crashing' at the end! Outfit:

This might actually be from the week before, but close enough. ;) I wore my sparkly pink Run: Speed shorts  and my black Scoop tank, with my Run:Swiftly Long Sleeve for to-and-from (all from Lululemon). I also got a new Skinny Satin Pirouette headband, which is super cute and fun! :)

Friday was Happy Hour Hot Flow! I went with some friends, and we decided it was the perfect workout for an "easy" day, and a GREAT way to start the weekend. I was feeling really tense and grumpy when I arrived, but I left feeling much happier, and definitely more loosey goosey! I plan to go again this week. :)

Saturday I taught my usual 2 PiYo classes. We did a new-ish Vinyasa/Sun Salutation track in my 8am class, and it kicked my butt! My arms felt like Jello. In fact, they were so tired, that I couldn't teach the track again at my 10am class, so we did a plank track instead. WHEW! (I forgot to take a picture of my outfits Friday and Saturday.)

Sunday the weather was SO nice, I decided to get outside and do a run interval workout instead of INSANITY. I started out ambitiously trying to do 3 minute "easy" runs, 3 minute sprints, and 3 minute walking intervals, but 3 minutes was too long to sprint more than once or twice, so I eventually cut that down to 2 minute intervals, and went 4.25 miles. It was KILLER, and my abs have been sore ever since. Abs, seriously?! Yeah, I dunno what's up with that, but I'll take it!

Monday I had planned to do INSANITY in the morning, but I overslept, so I just did TurboKick at Evolve. We did 2 Turbo sections, and added the Finale, so it was PLENTY all on its own! Here was my outfit!

This is the Lululemon Scoop tank in Discovery Stripe, and my pink sparkly Run: Speed Shorts again (Hey, they're my faves, don't judge me!). :)

I've been doing better about my diet for the last week. It was hard getting back on track after vacation, but I got lots of ideas from my INSANITY Elite Nutrition Guide, and have been back to counting calories! I do get tired of counting them, but it is the only way I can seem to stay on track. If I don't write down every calories, my brain thinks it "doesn't count," and I just end up overeating. * sigh *

All right, that's enough for today! Thanks for reading!! Happy Hump Day!

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