Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Recap!

I forgot to blog yesterday, so I will catch up now! I had a good week of workouts, and a so-so week on food. I have set my calorie budget at 2,300 calories on weekdays, but I ended up eating around 2,400 most days last week. I was really hungry, though, and working out hard, so I didn't sweat it too much.

Here's what I did:


Monday is Turbo day at Evolve! I had a shot of Beachbody's Energy & Endurance Formula, and it really got me hyped up for class! We did Round 51 for the first time, and it was super fun! I struggled a little with the choreography, but did pretty good considering I had only "practiced" it while driving to and from work that day! I was a sweaty mess, but felt awesome afterwards!

Here was my outfit:

I wore my Flash Power Y, and indigo stripe Run: Speed shorts.

Tuesday I ran 4 miles in the morning. It was still dark when I started, but it was really cool, quiet, and peaceful. An awesome run! I didn't get a pic of my outfit because it was just too early. :)

Wednesday is a double-day for me. I did INSANITY: Fast & Furious immediately after work... This workout is NO JOKE. It's super hard, and honestly awful, but then it's over before you know it! After that, I had PiYo at the YMCA, our last week doing Lesson 21. We've been doing this lesson for WEEKS, and it was still super hard! 
I wore my sparkly pink Run:Speed shorts, and my Do More tank from Powder Blue.

Thursday I got up at 4:30 for my Early Bird Running Club, but all 4 girls were sick! So, I decided to do INSANITY: Cardio Power and Resistance instead. This workout only takes about 45 minutes, so I had extra time, and did some chores around the house, and made breakfast!
Rowan wasn't up to take my picture, so I did it myself. I wore my gray Power Y, and my sparkly pink Run: Speed shorts again.

Friday was a much-needed rest day! I left work at 3, and got my hair done. I tried someone new, and she did an AWESOME job!
Finally super blonde again!

Saturday I had double PiYo's, as usual! Last day of Lesson 21, and it kicked my BUTT! Super hard.
Bad lighting, but I wore my camo and Paris Pink Run:Speed shorts, and my gray and heathered Paris Pink No Limits tank. SUPER comfy!

I wore one of my favorite casual outfits shopping later that day:
This is my Flash Cool Racerback, and my Post Power crops that I wish I could wear EVERYDAY! So comfy and cute! A guy at the mall shielded his eyes and laughed at my top, but I didn't mind. :)

Sunday I did INSANITY: Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and it was TERRIBLE! I was dehydrated, had not had enough food, and super sore from Saturday's workouts. I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times, but I finished it anyway, and was glad I pushed through. Thank G for my Results & Recovery Formula!!

This week is vacation week, so I'm doubling up on workouts a couple days in anticipation! Here's my plan:

INSANITY: Fast and Furious and Cardio Abs (DONE!!)

Run 3-4 miles in the morning
INSANITY: Cardio Power & Resistance after work

INSANITY Pure Cardio
PiYo Lesson 22 (new stuff!)

Thursday we start driving, so I'll probably rest, and on Friday too.  The rest of the week TBD! Hopefully some beach yoga and/or a run on the beach! :)

Happy Monday, friends, and have a great week!


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