Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fashion Friday! {Stitch Fix Review}

Hello, friends! I'm finally back for another Fashion Friday post, after (yet another) long hiatus from blogging. (Stay tuned next week also for some fall goals I'm working on, and some usual workout/recipe ideas!)

For this week's Fashion Friday, I decided to do a Stitch Fix review, since I just got one on Tuesday! I am not sure why I've never done this before, since this is my 9th Fix, and I am totally obsessed! It's so much fun having my own "personal stylist" to help me pick outfits! All I did was fill out an online style profile, link them to my Pinterest style board, and voila! The styling fee of $20 isn't too bad, and then you get $20 off your order, if you decide to keep something. (I always keep at least 1 item!) You can also set your price range, and make specific requests.

For this month's Fix, I requested skinny jeans, and outfits I could wear for my upcoming engagement photos.

Without further ado, here are the items I received, and my thoughts on them!

This pic shows 2 items: the Missy Polka Dot blouse ($58), and the Mavi Alexia skinny jean ($118). I loved this blouse, BUT, I had Googled it before I got it (sometimes you can see online the names of items you're getting, before your package is delivered), and in the online pics, this blouse was mint, so my first reaction upon seeing it was disappointment (I REALLY love mint)! But the fit was pretty close to perfect (slightly tight across my chest, but not bad), and you know I love polka dots! This one was a maybe.

The skinny jeans were navy blue. I had requested colored skinny jeans, so this wasn't quite what I had in mind. Plus, they were way too tight. Definitely a no.

When I pulled this Corra Fit and Flare skirt ($64) out of the box, I thought, OMG! This is so cute! It was also super cute on the style card that comes with each outfit. However, when I put it on, I felt like it was way too fluffy, and the length is all wrong on me. I look like a teapot in it! Another no.

When I saw that I was getting two "fit & flare" dresses, i was really disappointed. I didn't think I liked the fit & flare style at all. But I always try on EVERYTHING, so I put on this navy Malley Scoop Neck Fit & Flare dress ($64) anyway, and... I LOVE IT! The fabric is super stretchy and nice. The dress feels very expensive! Another maybe!

This is the Rhona Lace Fit & Flare dress ($54). This one was tough to zip (had to get Rowan to help me) but really cute once I put it on. This dress would be perfect for engagement photos, actually. I put it on the maybe list as well.

I was really surprised in this Fix-- I really loved both dresses, and I didn't expect to at all! In the end, I only wanted to keep 2 things, and since I already have PLENTY of flowy blouses, I ended up keeping the 2 dresses! I wore the navy one yesterday, and styled it pretty simply:

Some sandals, my fave anchor necklace, and I had a dark brown sweater for chilly office air conditioning! The dress was super comfy for all-day wear, and it held its shape perfectly. Definitely a good purchase!

I was pretty happy with this Fix, although a little disappointed in the jeans. I was really hoping for some irresistible ones! :)

A couple of side notes about Stitch Fix:
  • You set your own price range, so don't think you'll get items equally as expensive or cheap as what I got here-- they really mostly stick to what you put in as your limit on things. 
  • If you keep all 5 items they send, you get a 25% discount--which is awesome! But I've never been able to keep all 5, bummer. 
  • When you refer a friend, you get a $25 credit. $25! That's a huge discount! (Which is why you should totally use my referral link [see link in 2nd paragraph] to sign up! hehe)
  • The more Fixes you get (generally), the more accurate they are to your personal style. When you checkout, you give feedback on each item--what you liked, what you didn't, and the stylists use that information when putting together your future Fixes. Awesome! 

What do you think? Have you tried Stitch Fix? If not, will you? Which items would YOU have kept from my Fix?!


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