Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Recap + The Week Ahead!

Happy Tuesday! This feels like a Monday, so I'm calling today Second Monday. Never a good thing. ;)

My week was pretty good as far as workouts last week. I did ok nutrition-wise, though I had a "hungry" week, so I felt like I was eating nonstop all week! Working to keep that in check this week! I'm going to try to do better about taking pics of my food, too! More on that later! :)

Here's what I did!

Monday was Turbo. We did a true HIIT workout, with Turbos (anaerobic drills) every 2 minutes or so, for about 20 minutes, then some recovery cardio, then HARDCORE ab work, and done! It was awesome. My class works SO hard, and I love it! 

I wore my neon coral booty shorts and my pink and grey flowy tank, both from Underarmour. Love! I practiced a lil Pincha after class!
Tuesday I taught PiYo, still doing Round 34, but I switched out the Core & More section for a different one so that we can alternate each week. It was SO hard, I was sore all week from it! (Side Note: We did this section to a song called "Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling. LOVE it, you must check it out!)

Wednesday I went for a 2-mile run, and since I have new running shoes, it was awesome! It really makes a huge difference! 

I wore my Pink Shell Chase Me Skirt, and my Discovery Stripe Scoop Tank, both from Lululemon; and my mint hat from Underarmour. Love!
 After my run, PiYo time again! I felt like I was having an "off" day with teaching on this day. I'm not really sure why, but I powered through anyway, and hopefully no one noticed. ;)

Thursday I did a 60-minute yoga class from YogaGlo, taught by Kathryn Budig, and it was AH-MAZING! I have GOT to make time for at least one full yoga class each week. It works wonders for the way I feel, and most importantly, my body image. I don't have an explanation as to why, but it does! After work, I practiced a couple of challenge poses I didn't have time or room for in my office. :)

So proud of this pose!
Friday I ran 4 miles! I'm trying to transition to having a rest day on Sundays, since I usually feel like a lazy bum after double-PiYo Saturday. ;) I intended to just go for a slow, "easy" run, but the weather was PERFECT, my new shoes felt amazing, and my playlist was AWESOME! So I ended up running a pretty fast pace! It was a GREAT workout! :)

I love to finish a run with "'Til I Collapse." I keep my steps on beat with the song, which ends up being a full-out sprint! Perfect way to finish strong!
Saturday was double-PiYo day! I was really tired getting up, but I always feel good once I get to the gym and get started! Both classes were great, and as usual, I was a puddle of wet noodles after. :)

I wore my grey striped Underarmour shorts, a white Lulu Scoop me Up Tank, and my Zing Pink Forme Jacket, also from Lululemon. Isn't this headstand cool? I was so surprised I could do it! 
Saturday evening we had our engagement party/cookout, which was SO much fun (more about that later!), so Sunday's rest day was MUCH needed! I nursed a bit of a hangover, and just relaxed most of the day! 

Here's the plan for this week!

Monday: Turbo Kick HIIT (done!)
Tuesday: PiYo
Wednesday: 2-mile run + PiYo
Thursday: YogaGlo class
Friday: 4-mile run
Saturday: double PiYo!
Sunday: rest

As far as meals, I have planned turkey sandwiches and hummus for lunches, and for dinner we will have leftover burgers with zucchini and corn on the cob, a Crab Risotto dish from Hello Fresh, tacos from Maize Mexican restaurant, and an extra dinner out this week with a super generous gift we received at our engagement party. :) 

What does your week look like?

Have a great week!

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