Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Checking In!

Happy Tuesday, fitness friends! Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! I am OBSESSED with this weather we've been having here in the Midwest. (High of 70, WHAT?) I love sleeping with the windows open, so it has been just lovely!

The past week was pretty great as far as my workouts are concerned. I was pretty off-point on my nutrition, though. I've been hungrier than usual, probably b/c PiYo has been kicking my A** so bad, and I've been sore almost everyday! But, that was no reason to eat as many chips as I ate last week! Back on track this week, though!

Here's what I did!

Monday was TURBO! Amazing class, huge calorie burn, as always!

I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts from Lululemon,my neon yellow twistie tank from Underarmour, and my awesome new bra from Fabletics. This bra is SUPER supportive and comfy, but a nightmare to get off when you're sweaty. Be warned!
Tuesday I taught PiYo, and I mixed up a couple of sections for something new, just to keep it fresh, and WOW. So hard. My core was especially worn out by the end of this class. LOVE. IT!

I dressed uncharacteristically in all black, wearing my fave Roll Down Wunder Under crops from Lululemon, and my black Power Y tank from Lululemon. Comfy and flattering!
Wednesday I ended up taking a brisk 2-mile walk with Rowan instead of running. The weather was amazing and it felt great to just walk and chat with him through our neighborhood! After that, I had PiYo again. It was a great class, which was a huge relief after feeling so "off" last Wednesday!

I wore these awesome new mint capris from Glyder, and my Vintage Pink Flow and Go tank from Lululemon. I love this outfit, so it definitely will be making a ton of apperances! 
Thursday I went for a 4-mile "fun" run! I didn't worry about pace. I listened to awesome tunes. I walked when I felt like it. I sang. I rapped. I might have even danced a bit. LOL! But it was glorious, and I felt great at the end! Definitely need more runs like this!

I still love seeing those negative splits! 
I wore my grey and pink stripe Underarmour tank, and my black Speed Shorts from Lululemon. (Disclaimer: These shorts are SO comfy, but I have to use Body Glide on my legs to keep them from rubbing and chafing. Seriously. BodyGlide is a lifesaver. If you have thighs, you need some in  your life.)
Friday I did yoga in my office on my lunch break. I did a power yoga class by Kathryn Budig from YogaGlo, and it was AWESOME! I felt amazing after! I am so happy to be incorporating more full yoga practices into my life. I need at least one per week.

I wore my fave new outfit again, and did one of my best Crow poses ever after the class was over!
Saturday was double PiYo day, which is still not getting any easier... I don't think it will. Honestly, it's probably too much, but I love both classes, and I can always take a nap after, so I am keeping it! I also kinda like the exhaustion when it's over. HA!

Sunday was glorious glorious wonderful rest day. I moved as little as possible. :)

Here's the plan for this week!

Monday: Turbo + walk with Rowan (done!)
Tuesday: PiYo + short, brisk walk with Rowan
Wednesday: 2-mile run + PiYo
Thursday: 4-mile run or yoga at lunch
Friday: 4-mile run or yoga at lunch
Saturday: double PiYo
Sunday: REST!

As I said, nutrition was pretty iffy for me last week, but so far so good this week! I have chopped salads with roast chicken or black beans for my lunches, and working hard to eat a reasonable amount for supper! We'll have black bean quesadillas, Greek salad with chicken and pita strips, breakfast for dinner (eggs, Eggos, sausage), and Maize Mexican takeout one night. Should be a good week!

I'll be back later this week with another Fashion Friday post! Stay tuned!

Have a lovely week! Cheers!

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