Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hello, loves! Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing, productive, and just awesome! We had AMAZING weather here in central IL, and I had the windows open all day! Love it!

So getting back on track with my nutrition after vacation has been a real challenge. I am an EATER, so I've really had to keep myself in check. I did better this week, and feel like I'll be back to normal next week. I don't think I've gained any weight yet (my clothes still fit the same), but I surely don't want to, so it's time to get it under control! :)

As far as workouts, those went great! Here's what I did:

Monday was TURBO! I missed my Turbo athletes, and I've gotten several Turbo newbies in the last few weeks, who are really rocking it! We had 23 people, and their energy was AWESOME! It was a great workout!

I wore my pretty plaid Speed Shorts and my Vintage Pink Flow & Go tank, both from Lululemon.

Tuesday I ran 3.1 miles at lunch, and then taught PiYo after work. WHEW! My legs were POOPED!

Love these negative splits!
For PiYo, I wore these cute new Studio Crops from Lululemon. Don't they look adorable from the back?! Love! 
Wednesday I taught PiYo again! Another amazing class!

I wore my fave Beachscapw Wunder Unders leggings, and my Vintage Pink Flow & Go, both from Lululemon.
Thursday I rested.

Friday I procrastinated like CRAZY, but I finally got out and went for a 3.1-mile run. I felt sluggish, but actually ended up keeping a pretty decent pace. I was SO glad I went, and felt a million times better afterwards!

Saturday is now DOUBLE PiYo day! This is no joke, and both classes thought we did NOT do a Vinyasa track (LOTS and LOTS of Chatarunga and Crow pose) last week, so we did that in both classes... probably won't do that again, HA! My entire body was a noodle. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like that a bit, though. ;)

I wore my favorite striped Wunder Unders and Zing Pink tank/jacket, from Lululemon.

Sunday (today) I got out in this beautiful weather and went for a run! I ran 5 miles, which I haven't done since last year's Illinois Marathon 10K. It was hard, but really good. I felt great! Now I am exhausted. :)

I wore my Chase Me skirt from Lululemon, and an open-back tee from Victoria's Secret Sport. Perfect for today's temp!

Overall, I had a great week of workouts! Now if I can just repeat it, and stay on track with my food too! Here's the plan for next week:

Monday: Turbo
Tuesday: Run 3 (maybe) + PiYo
Wednesday: Run 3 (maybe) + PiYo
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Run 3 + yoga
Saturday: PiYo x 2
Sunday: Run + yoga

Meal plans are going to be Hello Fresh for dinner (more about that later!) and for lunches, I have some lunch meat, and some pre-made chopped salads, to which I'll add some boiled egg, and as always, popcorn and an apple. :)

That's all for now! I'll be back tomorrow with a review of Hello Fresh!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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