Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catching Up + Vacation Recap!

Happy Friday Eve, friends! I'm so ready for the weekend! It has been hard focusing on work this week... but more about that later!

So I'm back from vacation, and wanted to share with you my amazing trip! We went to Destin, Florida, which has become sort of "our" spot. This was the 4th year that we have gone! I love it b/c it's a beautiful beach, obviously, but I love that we can drive there, and that we feel "at home" there now. We have our favorite restaurants and bars, and I always go to beach yoga classes with Rhonda. :)

I did yoga by the beach almost everyday! It was amazing! 
This was our favorite restaurant in Destin-- It's called Louisiana Lagniappe, and it's AMAZING! We went 3 times! haha!    
My fave summer outfit-- shorts and heels!
The beach was perfect everyday while we were there! Wish I had this view with my coffee all the time!
And, most exciting of all!!!

YES! I'M ENGAGED! Rowan proposed out on our condo balcony after brunch one morning. It was the perfect setting, and the perfect ring, and of course I said yes! :) YAY! 

We came home the next day, and being the planner that I am, my mind has been swirling with wedding plans ever since! I dream about decorations and photographers, and rose petals on the beach! ;) (Thus, why it has been hard to focus at work!) 

I'll be back soon with an actual fitness post! 


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