Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday Eve!

Helloooo, fitness friends! It's Friday Eve! Hooray! It's also my rest day, which I am SUPER excited about! My body is tired! Since  I'm resting today, I thought I'd write my recap of what I've been doing. I'll back up to last Friday, to my last rest day!

I had grand plans on Friday to get up early and run, but I didn't sleep well, so that was a no-go. It was gloomy at lunch, so I decided to wait until after work. Good decision, because by then, the sun was peeking out!

I still can't believe I can run at that pace! haha! yeah!

I wore my Gather and Crow crops, pink Cool Racer Back, and mellow lemon Rise and Shine Pullover, all from Lululemon. 
I felt great and was glad I made myself stick to my plan!

Saturday was PiYo day! We did a bajillion pushups, and then I worked on some yoga afterwards... OUCH!

I was SO SUPER PUMPED to get this pose! I NEVER thought I'd be able to do it! :D
Sunday I was visiting Mom, and went for a SUPER peaceful 3-mile run out in the country. I miss country-road runs!

Monday was Turbo Kick, per usual. We had a big class, maybe even my biggest ever (19 people!) and energy was just through the roof. I had a blast! :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Speed shorts, and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank, both from Lululemon.
I was super happy to be fitting back into some of my favorite clothes. I had gained just enough weight to feel uncomfortable, but I'm feeling like myself again! Yay!

So, normally I only PiYo on Tuesday. Monday nights are hard on my legs, so Tuesday mornings I recover from that. HOWEVER, this week, I REALLY wanted an early run, and Tuesday was the only day I could do it, so I got my lead-heavy legs out of bed at 5am, and went for a run. I told myself I'd go 3 miles, and if I felt good, 4. Once I got going, I felt great! I went 4 miles, and it was lovely. Just me and the birdies. :)

Tuesday evening, I slightly regretted my run.. my legs KILLED during PiYo. It was fun to feel that burn, though. HAHA! :)

I wore my fave grey and white shorts from UnderArmour, Pig Pink Cool Racerback, lululemon, and a white tee from Express. 
Wednesday I taught PiYo again. WHEW, that was tough!

I wore my Quiet Stripe Speed shorts, and this amazing new jacket I got on sale, both from Lululemon! 
Today, I REST. Ahhh, much-needed!

My plan for the next week!

Friday: Early morning run (I CAN DO THIS!) + a little yoga at lunch.
Saturday: PiYo!
Sunday: Shorter run, + special PiYo launch class at the Y!
Monday: Turbo!
Tuesday: PiYo.
Wednesday: Run in the morning, or at lunch, + PiYo.
Thursday: Rest.

How have your workouts been this week? Any requests for next week's Workout Wednesday post? Please share! 

I'll be back tomorrow for Fashion Friday! :-D



  1. I'm really struggling right now getting myself motivated to workout due to the gloomy weather. The rest of the week has been ok. Also, I love that you incorporate your fitness AND fashion - I really want all of your clothes!

    1. If I hadn't been the instructor last night, I def would've been on the couch! So much gloominess! You're doing amazing, anyway! :)

      And thank you! I might have a bit of a workout clothes addiction... just a tad. :-D