Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Style!

Happy happy Sunday, friends! 

Since I missed Fashion Friday this week, I decided to do a fashion post today instead! I didn't wear anything exciting this week, but hey, I love sharing OOTD's. :) Here are some of my recent favorites!

Monday I wore my "mink" colored pencil skirt, pink Portofino shirt, and nude flats, all from Express. I think even my undershirt was from Express! haha!
I love these mint jeggings from Amercian Eagle! I can wear jeans to work, without REALLY wearing jeans to work! hehe! Paired it with my black hearts Portofino shirt, and nude flats, both from Express.

This bright pink top was one of my favorite Stitch Fix finds ever! It's so cheerful and flattering! I paired it with my khaki pinstripe Wide-Waistband Editor Pants and nude flats, both from Express.
I wore the Stitch Fix top again out for dinner, by pairing it with my fave destructed jeans by Silver. 
Remember, my office is business casual, and definitely leans more toward the casual side. I would not wear jeggings to court or to depositions, but for office wear, they're perfectly fine.

Also, those khaki slacks from Express were TOO tight last time I had tried them on, but I'm SO EXCITED to report they fit perfectly this week! YAY! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Chat more soon!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday Eve!

Helloooo, fitness friends! It's Friday Eve! Hooray! It's also my rest day, which I am SUPER excited about! My body is tired! Since  I'm resting today, I thought I'd write my recap of what I've been doing. I'll back up to last Friday, to my last rest day!

I had grand plans on Friday to get up early and run, but I didn't sleep well, so that was a no-go. It was gloomy at lunch, so I decided to wait until after work. Good decision, because by then, the sun was peeking out!

I still can't believe I can run at that pace! haha! yeah!

I wore my Gather and Crow crops, pink Cool Racer Back, and mellow lemon Rise and Shine Pullover, all from Lululemon. 
I felt great and was glad I made myself stick to my plan!

Saturday was PiYo day! We did a bajillion pushups, and then I worked on some yoga afterwards... OUCH!

I was SO SUPER PUMPED to get this pose! I NEVER thought I'd be able to do it! :D
Sunday I was visiting Mom, and went for a SUPER peaceful 3-mile run out in the country. I miss country-road runs!

Monday was Turbo Kick, per usual. We had a big class, maybe even my biggest ever (19 people!) and energy was just through the roof. I had a blast! :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Speed shorts, and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank, both from Lululemon.
I was super happy to be fitting back into some of my favorite clothes. I had gained just enough weight to feel uncomfortable, but I'm feeling like myself again! Yay!

So, normally I only PiYo on Tuesday. Monday nights are hard on my legs, so Tuesday mornings I recover from that. HOWEVER, this week, I REALLY wanted an early run, and Tuesday was the only day I could do it, so I got my lead-heavy legs out of bed at 5am, and went for a run. I told myself I'd go 3 miles, and if I felt good, 4. Once I got going, I felt great! I went 4 miles, and it was lovely. Just me and the birdies. :)

Tuesday evening, I slightly regretted my run.. my legs KILLED during PiYo. It was fun to feel that burn, though. HAHA! :)

I wore my fave grey and white shorts from UnderArmour, Pig Pink Cool Racerback, lululemon, and a white tee from Express. 
Wednesday I taught PiYo again. WHEW, that was tough!

I wore my Quiet Stripe Speed shorts, and this amazing new jacket I got on sale, both from Lululemon! 
Today, I REST. Ahhh, much-needed!

My plan for the next week!

Friday: Early morning run (I CAN DO THIS!) + a little yoga at lunch.
Saturday: PiYo!
Sunday: Shorter run, + special PiYo launch class at the Y!
Monday: Turbo!
Tuesday: PiYo.
Wednesday: Run in the morning, or at lunch, + PiYo.
Thursday: Rest.

How have your workouts been this week? Any requests for next week's Workout Wednesday post? Please share! 

I'll be back tomorrow for Fashion Friday! :-D