Monday, March 17, 2014

Fat Blaster Treadmill Interval Run

Happy Monday, fit fam! As promised, here is the Treadmill Interval Run I have been doing. I based it on an interval run from Pop Sugar, but I've tweaked it to fit my own needs/level. My run is somewhere in between the Pop Sugar "Run" and "Run Faster" workouts. This workout burns a TON of calories. Everyone is different, but yesterday I burned over 600. Awesome!

A treadmill interval workout you can Pin!
1:00-5:00- Warmup 4-5mph
5:00-6:00- Rabbit One 6mph
6:00-7:00- Rabbit One 6.5mph
7:00-8:00- Rabbit One 7mph
8:00-9:00- Rabbit Two 6mph
9:00-10:00- Rabbit Two 6.5mph
10:00-11:00- Rabbit Two 7mph
11:00-12:00- Rabbit Three 6mph
12:00-13:00- Rabbit Three 6.5mph
13:00-14:00- Rabbit Three 7mph
14:00-15:00- Recover 3.5-5.5mph
15:00-16:00- Fast 7.5mph
16:00-17:00- Easy 6mph
17:00-18:00- Fast 7.5mph
18:00-19:00- Easy 6mph
19:00-20:00- Fast 7.5mph
20:00-21:00- Easy 6mph
21:00-22:00- Fast 7.5mph
22:00-23:00- Easy 6mph
23:00-24:00- Fast 7.5mph
24:00-25:00- Easy 6mph
25:00-26:00- Fast 7.5mph
26:00-27:00- Recover 3.5-5.5mph
27:00-27:30- Hill Run One 7mph/5% incline
27:30-28:30- Recover 6mph/0% incline
28:30-29:00- Hill Run Two 7mph/5%
29:00-30:00- Recover 6mph/0%
30:00-30:30- Hill Run Three 7mph/5%
30:30-31:30- Recover 6mph/0%
31:30-32:00- Hill Run Four 7mph/5%
32:00-33:00- Recover 6mph/0%
33:00-33:30- Hill Run Five 7mph/5%
33:30-34:30- Recover 6mph/0%
34:30-35:00- Hill Run Six 7.5mph/5%
35:00-36:00- Recover 5.7mph/0%
36:00-36:30- Hill Run Seven 7.5mph/5%
36:30-37:30- Recover 5.7mph/0%
37:30-38:00- Hill Run Eight 7mph/5%
38:00-39:00- Recover 6mph/0%
39:00-39:30- Hill Run Nine 7.5mph/5%
39:30-40:30- Recover 6mph/0%
40:30-41:00- Hill Run Ten 7.5mph/5%
41:00-46:00- Cooldown 3.5mph

If you want to print this, copy and paste it and feel free to Pin and Share!

Happy running!


  1. This looks really tough, but I'm going to try it!

    1. It is tough, Austin, but totally do-able! Sometimes I just tweak it a little slower if it's feeling too challenging. Yesterday I was feeling good so I was able to go a little faster. :)