Friday, March 21, 2014

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday, friends! I'm SO excited it's almost the weekend, and LOVING this spring weather we are having today!

Now, I wouldn't exactly consider myself a poster child of fashion, but I do love clothes, and I love sharing outfits. I love seeing OOTD posts, and browsing Pinterest for cute outfits, so I decided to start sharing a few of my favorite picks for the week each Friday, even if they're not cutting-edge fashion. ;)

Side note: My workplace is a law office, but it's very laid-back, "business casual." Unless I have court, or depositions, most days I can really lean that more toward the casual side, and it's totally acceptable.

Anyway, here are a few of my faves from the week!

Monday I wore my pique Luon Wunder Under crops (Lululemon), Peony Portofino shirt (Express) and nude flats (Express). I felt awesome in this outfit!
Thursday I wore these awesome hot pink jegging crops (American Eagle), black hearts Portofino shirt (Express), and black flats (Express).
I take Casual Friday VERY seriously! Today i wore my charcoal Post Power Crops (Lululemon), Pretty Pink pullover (Lululemon), and black Nike (Zappos). Comfy and springy. :)
Tuesday and Wednesday were tough days to get a bathroom selfie, as people kept popping in, and who wants to get caught taking a selfie in the work bathroom mirror?! :)

What did you wear this week?!



  1. Love this! I sometimes have themes for the weeks outfits. Some limitation because of work dress code but i still feel that i can do fashion!

    1. Thanks, Sonya! Sometimes we just gotta get creative! :))))