Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Body-Weight Strength Circuit

Happy Workout Wednesday, fitness friends! Do you have a workout planned for today? In honor of the new PiYo workout coming out soon, I put together this challenging body-weight circuit for you to try! Strength training is so important, but sometimes weights aren't accessible, or maybe you just don't like 'em. That's ok! You've got everything you need to get a great strength training session in, built right into your body!

Here's the Circuit:

01:00-05:00-- Warmup (jog in place, jump rope, jacks, whatever feels good!)
05:00-06:00-- Squat pulses
06:00-07:00-- Tricep pushups
07:00-09:00-- Reverse lunges (1 minute each leg)
09:00-10:00-- Pike pushups
10:00-11:00-- Sumo squats
11:00-12:00-- Spider pushups
12:00-14:00-- Bowlers lunges (1 minute each leg)
14:00-15:00-- Mountain climbers
15:00-17:00-- Side plank (1 minute each side)
17:00-18:00-- Forearm plank with knee pulls
18:00-31:00-- Repeat from Squat pulses
31:00-35:00-- Stretch

Here's a brief explanation of some of the moves:

Squat Pulses
Just like it sounds! A basic squat, but drop your booty really low, and pulse in small movements so that you really feel the burn! If it gets too much for 1 minute, simply slow it down, or don't squat as low.
Hint: Make sure you can wiggle your toes at all times-- keep your weight in your heels!

Tricep Pushups
Set up in plank, either on your knees or your toes. Shoulders and wrists should be in one line. Bend the elbows, keeping them hugging into the side of your body as you lower your chest. It should feel like you're pointing your elbows to the back of the room, like a crocodile. Lower until the arms are about 90 degrees, the press back up.
Hint: These are MUCH harder than traditional pushups, so don't be a hero-- drop to your knees if you need to!

Reverse Lunges
Stand with feet together. Step one foot back behind you and lower your booty down into a lunge. Exactly like a regular lunge, except you step back instead of forward. Lower until your front knee is about 90 degrees, then press back up. You can do these as pulses like the squats, or slowly if you prefer.
Hint: These are easier on the knees than traditional lunges. 

Pike Pushups
Start in Downward Dog (Google this if you're not sure how to do it.) Walk your feet in a few steps, and come up on your tiptoes. Turn your fingertips in to face each other slightly. Tuck your chin toward your chest, and bend the elbows, lowering the crown of your head towards the floor. Lower as far as you can, then push back up.
Hint: Elbows will point out to the side as you lower down on this one.

Sumo Squats
My favorite! Set up like a regular squat, but point your knees and toes out to the corners of the room. Tuck your hips under and squeeze your lower abs in tight. Lower down as though your back were up against a wall-- straight down, straight up. You can do these as pulses, or slowly, your call.
Hint: You should feel the burn here in the inner thighs and the quadriceps, more than in the glutes (as opposed to a regular squat.)

Spider Pushups
Set up in plank, but take your hands out SLIGHTLY wider than you had them for your Tricep Pushup. Walk your feet out wide, so that your arms and legs make an "X" shape. Bend the elbows and lower your chest towards the floor, sending the elbows toward the back corners of the room. Push back up.
Hint: You can still drop your knees to the floor in the "X" shape if you need to. 

Bowlers Lunges
Another favorite! Stand with feet together. Pick up your left leg and take it back at an angle, so that it goes behind your right leg. Stick your hip out towards the right, like you're going to butt-bump the person next to you. It should look similar to the stance a bowler takes as he/she releases the bowling ball down the lane (thus the name.) Repeat with the other leg.
Hint: Sticking the hip out is KEY for these! You'll really feel the burn in your side booty!

Mountain Climbers
For this circuit, I recommend doing these slowly. Start in plank pose. Squeeze the belly in tight, round the spine, and pull your knee in toward your nose. Try to kiss your knee! Step back to plank, and repeat, alternating legs.
Hint: Imagine pulling your knee in and creating a tight little ball with your body.

Side Plank
Start in plank. Place your right palm in the center, under your face. Rotate onto the outside of your right foot, stacking the feet if you can, and keeping the right shoulder and wrist in one line. Hold as long as you can, and if you need a break, simply place your right knee onto the floor, keeping the left leg extended.
Hint: Don't let yourself sag into your shoulder.  Keep lifting your shoulder away from your ear and thinking long and strong!

Forearm Plank with Knee Pulls
Start in the same form as Plank, but drop down onto your elbows/forearms. Keep the belly tight and the glutes engaged. Pull your right knee out to the side, like you're going to touch it to your right elbow. Return to plank, and switch sides, alternating legs.
Hint: Don't let your bum sag here! Keep lifting through the belly and hips to keep the back in a straight line. 

I hope you'll give this one a try! It's great for all levels, and works your whole body! Feel free to Pin and share. :)

Cheers! Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

MONDAY Funday!

Happy Monday! (Ugh, I know.) I was too lazy to blog yesterday, so this week it's MONDAY funday!

My workouts last week were GREAT, and that's partly because the weather was so awesome! Here's my recap:

Monday I did not do any yoga as planned, but just stuck with my usual Turbo! We did FIVE Turbo drills, and then we all crawled home. ;)

I wore my Parallel Stripe Wunder Under crops. I love these so much!!1 
Tuesday I taught PiYo, as always! PiYo is my absolute favorite! It always feels so amazing after a long day of work, too!

Words cannot describe how much I love these pants! <3 <3 <3 Beachscape Wunder Unders from Lululemon
Wednesday I did not wanna go for a run, but I did wanna go for a run, if you know what I mean! I sucked it up and ran 3 miles! WOOT!

After work, I taught PiYo again, and my legs were NOODLES. :)

I wore my grey striped Underarmour shorts, my Pink Shell Cool Racer Back, and my fave leg warmers from Ivivva! Also, I am really proud of how muscular my legs look in this pic. Hard work is paying off! :) 
Thursday, blessed rest day!

Friday the weather was awesome, and even though I felt sluggish, I ran 4 miles at lunch. It was one of the best runs I've ever had! I felt great, and my time was my best ever!

I was pretty proud of those negative splits! Mile 4 blows my mind. I must have been ready to get DONE! :)
Saturday I taught my usual PiYo class, which is always a blast on Saturdays! I had a training to go to at 10am at the Y, so I killed some time on the elliptical... I forgot what a snoozefest that is. I was chugging along and looked down and was like, 'HOW has it only been 8 MIN?!' Whew, longest 30 minutes ever! However, I burned a couple hundred calories, so it was worth it. :)

I wore my pique luon Wunder Uner crops and my Zing Pink No Limits tank, both from Lululemon.

Sunday I did a 60-minute yoga class with Kathryn Budig, and it was amazing. I had a long lazy day and put it off until evening, so I considered skipping it, but my body was craving some movement, so I got on my mat, and was SO glad I did. The class was called Playful Salutations, and it was so fun!

I wore my grey stripe Underarmour shorts again, and my Zing Pink Cool Racer Back tank from Lululemon.
All in all, a great week! I am loving running this spring, so that's nice, as the weather gets warmer!

Plan for this week:

Today (Monday): TurboKick HIIT (45 minutes)
Tuesday: PiYo
Wednesday: 3-mile run + PiYo
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4-mile run
Saturday: PiYo
Sunday: Run + Yoga/TBD

Make a plan, stick to it! 

I'll post a little more about food and some more Hello Fresh! reviews later!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday, friends! I'm SO excited it's almost the weekend, and LOVING this spring weather we are having today!

Now, I wouldn't exactly consider myself a poster child of fashion, but I do love clothes, and I love sharing outfits. I love seeing OOTD posts, and browsing Pinterest for cute outfits, so I decided to start sharing a few of my favorite picks for the week each Friday, even if they're not cutting-edge fashion. ;)

Side note: My workplace is a law office, but it's very laid-back, "business casual." Unless I have court, or depositions, most days I can really lean that more toward the casual side, and it's totally acceptable.

Anyway, here are a few of my faves from the week!

Monday I wore my pique Luon Wunder Under crops (Lululemon), Peony Portofino shirt (Express) and nude flats (Express). I felt awesome in this outfit!
Thursday I wore these awesome hot pink jegging crops (American Eagle), black hearts Portofino shirt (Express), and black flats (Express).
I take Casual Friday VERY seriously! Today i wore my charcoal Post Power Crops (Lululemon), Pretty Pink pullover (Lululemon), and black Nike (Zappos). Comfy and springy. :)
Tuesday and Wednesday were tough days to get a bathroom selfie, as people kept popping in, and who wants to get caught taking a selfie in the work bathroom mirror?! :)

What did you wear this week?!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30-Minute Run Playlist

Happy Hump Day! In honor of Workout Wednesday, just wanted to share my running playlist for my 3-mile run today! This playlist is what I would call "playful." It made my run today fun!

BONUS POINTS if you shimmy a little in public when Luda says "Shake it like two maracas!" during "Shake Senora Remix! ;)

Happy running!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Fat Blaster Treadmill Interval Run

Happy Monday, fit fam! As promised, here is the Treadmill Interval Run I have been doing. I based it on an interval run from Pop Sugar, but I've tweaked it to fit my own needs/level. My run is somewhere in between the Pop Sugar "Run" and "Run Faster" workouts. This workout burns a TON of calories. Everyone is different, but yesterday I burned over 600. Awesome!

A treadmill interval workout you can Pin!
1:00-5:00- Warmup 4-5mph
5:00-6:00- Rabbit One 6mph
6:00-7:00- Rabbit One 6.5mph
7:00-8:00- Rabbit One 7mph
8:00-9:00- Rabbit Two 6mph
9:00-10:00- Rabbit Two 6.5mph
10:00-11:00- Rabbit Two 7mph
11:00-12:00- Rabbit Three 6mph
12:00-13:00- Rabbit Three 6.5mph
13:00-14:00- Rabbit Three 7mph
14:00-15:00- Recover 3.5-5.5mph
15:00-16:00- Fast 7.5mph
16:00-17:00- Easy 6mph
17:00-18:00- Fast 7.5mph
18:00-19:00- Easy 6mph
19:00-20:00- Fast 7.5mph
20:00-21:00- Easy 6mph
21:00-22:00- Fast 7.5mph
22:00-23:00- Easy 6mph
23:00-24:00- Fast 7.5mph
24:00-25:00- Easy 6mph
25:00-26:00- Fast 7.5mph
26:00-27:00- Recover 3.5-5.5mph
27:00-27:30- Hill Run One 7mph/5% incline
27:30-28:30- Recover 6mph/0% incline
28:30-29:00- Hill Run Two 7mph/5%
29:00-30:00- Recover 6mph/0%
30:00-30:30- Hill Run Three 7mph/5%
30:30-31:30- Recover 6mph/0%
31:30-32:00- Hill Run Four 7mph/5%
32:00-33:00- Recover 6mph/0%
33:00-33:30- Hill Run Five 7mph/5%
33:30-34:30- Recover 6mph/0%
34:30-35:00- Hill Run Six 7.5mph/5%
35:00-36:00- Recover 5.7mph/0%
36:00-36:30- Hill Run Seven 7.5mph/5%
36:30-37:30- Recover 5.7mph/0%
37:30-38:00- Hill Run Eight 7mph/5%
38:00-39:00- Recover 6mph/0%
39:00-39:30- Hill Run Nine 7.5mph/5%
39:30-40:30- Recover 6mph/0%
40:30-41:00- Hill Run Ten 7.5mph/5%
41:00-46:00- Cooldown 3.5mph

If you want to print this, copy and paste it and feel free to Pin and Share!

Happy running!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hello, fitness friends! I fell off the blogging wagon, yet again! But I'm back, and hoping to stay more consistent by mixing up topics! For today, I'll share with you my recap for the week, how my goals for the year are going, and my plan for the next week!

So, since we last chatted, I definitely chubbed up a little over the holidays. After my family vacation to Florida for Christmas, I buckled down, started counting calories again, and have been working hard to feel better in my clothes. I never set a real weightloss goal as far as pounds, but my clothes were feeling tight, so my goal has been just to feel back to my "normal" self. So far, so good! Clothes that were tight even before are feeling looser and better!

I have to be careful not to get obsessive with calorie-counting. My tendency is to be a little OCD about it, but I think I've been managing it pretty well, and staying balanced, while also staying on track with my goals. I'm using an app called Lose It! that has a huge database of foods so it's really easy to just plug in what I ate and keep track that way. I found that when I wasn't counting calories, I was just eating with reckless abandon, like everything was calorie-free. ;)

Everyone's calorie needs are different, but for my plan to lose some weight, and with my pretty intense workouts, my calorie budget each day is right around 2,200. This has been fairly easy to stick to, especially since I have one or two "cheat" meals per week, that I don't worry about counting.

Onto the week in review! My workout schedule is largely the same as it has always been, since my teaching schedule hasn't changed. I do try to mix things up with yoga, and I've been running more, as well as some cycling to give my joints a break.

Monday, I did TurboKick! This workout will ALWAYS kick my butt. Plateau schmateau, this class evolves so much, my body never gets used to it. :) I'm also still doing yoga challenges, so there's a little of that each day as well!

 I wore my Classic Stripe Speed shorts and my Zing Pink No Limits tank!

Tuesday I taught PiYo. I had a long day of driving and depositions on Tuesday, so it felt SO good to move my body in this class after 5 hours in the car and 3 hours sitting in deps! We just started a new Lesson, so the muscle confusion makes the class super challenging! 

I wore my hot pink capris from, and my Pink Shell striped Free to Be tank!

Wednesday I did a 30-minute power yoga class from YogaGlo during my lunch break, which was nonstop flow, and absolutely amazing. I love doing yoga at lunch!

After work was PiYo again. My arms were sooo tired at the end of this. Maybe did too many sun salutations in one day. ;) Getting stronger! 

Thursday I rested, and took a half day off work to get my hair done. Check it out, I made a huge change, and I LOVE it!

Friday was a GORGEOUS day, so I went for a 4 mile run at lunch. It was VERY windy, and the route is VERY hilly, so it was super challenging, BUT, also my fastest run ever! I couldn't believe my average pace when I was done! It pays to push myself! 
Ready to run!

Saturday I taught my usual 8am PiYo, and usually that's all I do on Saturdays, but it was another beautiful day, so I decided I wanted to go for a short run. I felt so good running, I ended up going a mile further than I planned (3.25 total). :)

I wore my camo shorts from Fabletcis, and my Zing Pink Cool Racer Back tank from Lulu.

Today is my "do whatever I want" workout day, so I went to the gym for a treadmill interval run (45 minutes including warmup and cool down) and did just a bit of yoga at home. The run was AWESOME, and I ended up going almost five miles total. It felt great!

For my run, I wore my Pink Shell Chase Me skirt, and a super soft tee from Express.

Yoga outfit: same tee, plus these BEAUUUUUUTIFUL Wunder Under Pants from Lulu. Love them so much!
Meals for the week are no-brainer, since I signed up for Hello Fresh, weekly meal/grocery delivery! I can't wait to try this week's meals! Here are a couple I made last week:

Asian inspired noodles with chicken and peppers.

Mushroom quesadillas with guacamole.

So far, I am a HUGE fan of this program! Easy, reasonably priced, and delicious! If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh, enter coupon code JMPAGP at checkout to save $20 on your first box!

For lunches, I will have a couple of salad with grilled chicken days, and leftovers!

Here's my workout plan for next week!

Monday: Yoga at lunch + Turbo after work.
Tuesday: Run at lunch (b/c it's supposed to be SO nice, I can't resist!) + PiYo after work.
Wednesday: PiYo.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Run + Yoga
Saturday: PiYo
Sunday: TBD!

I am so glad to be back to blogging! I'll be back later in the week with some more of your requested topics!

See you soon!