Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello, October!

AHHH, it's officially Fall! I love that chill in the air in the mornings this time of year! I've had the overwhelming urge to bake and eat lots of baked goods, so that's always a challenge of fall. :) I have stuck to mostly-healthy things so far though!

My goal to eat less for supper is going pretty well. This week, I am also adding a goal to be more mindful of my food on the weekends. I usually all-out cheat on Friday nights and eat whatever I want. I plan to keep that tradition, but try to stay more on track Saturday and Sunday.

Workouts for the week were good! I'm back on a yoga challenge for October, and I have missed it so! Here's what I did:

Monday was Turbo, per usual, but it was Launch/Neon Party day at Refinery, so I had a blast wearing neon and team-teaching with Colleen! We launched Round 57, which is SUPER intense, and SO fun! One of my faves ever, I think! Such a relief, b/c I haven't cared for the last few Rounds before this one. Woot!

Here's a pic of my ponytail flying. haha! 
Tuesday I was SORE from Turbo, and I taught PiYo after work.  I added a fun little balance track to the end of the Lesson, since we had time, and that really added to the challenge! I <3 PiYo. 

I wore my Body Angel Activewear Pink  Heart capris, Charcoal and Parks Pink No Limits Tank from Lulu, and my Pink Shell Forme Jacket for to-and-from. LOVE these crops!!
Yoga pose for the day was tripod headstand. I just love these. :)
Wednesday I dragged my booty up early to run. I ran 3, and my pace was 10:16/mile, which is super fast for me, especially at 5:30am. :)

After work, I taught PiYo again, and again added a balance track into the mix. Legs were dead after these workouts! 
I wore my plum crops from AE, and my new Angel Wing Cool Racer Back from Lulu. Pose for the day was Crow. 
Thursday I had a settlement conference for work in a county 3 hours away, which lasted forever, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted, so I just rested
Friday I had planned to run, but was just too tired to get up that morning. Another day of rest
Here's what I wore for my client meeting. Dress is from Stitch Fix and I absolutely love it!

Saturday was PiYo! After two days off, I was in desperate need of a good sweat! Great class, and awesome workout!

I wore my Body Angel Activewear capris again, and my Pink Shell Cool Racer Back, and caught up on my yoga poses! I decided to do 2 challenges this month, so I had lots to catch up on! (From top: Bridge, Baby Grasshopper, Pyramid, and Supported Headstand.)
Sunday I went to Power Yoga with Nicky at Refinery. I just love yoga on Sundays! Felt strong, skinny, and graceful afterwards. :)

  I swore my Raspberry Glo Clam Diggers and my charcoal and Paris Pink No Limits tank. Poses are Half Boat Pose and Side Plank.
Monday (yesterday) I taught Turbo again! We did the same mix from Round 57, except I swapped out Finale for Recovery... it isn't much of a Recovery b/c I still felt like I was dying by the end! :) After dinner, I worked on my yoga poses for the day!

I wore my Sea Check Plum Speed shorts, and my charcoal and Paris Pink No Limits tank! Love this combo!
Today (Tuesday) I got up at 5 (YAY!) and ran 3 miles. It was chilly, so I had to wear long sleeves, but it was AWESOME! A great run, and I loved curling up with my hot coffee, and then a hot shower afterwards!

I wore my black Zella capris and my Mellow Lemon Rise and Shine Pullover from Lulu. I adore this pullover. It's so soft and cozy!
Here's my plan for the rest of the week:
Tuesday: PiYo after work
Wednesday: PiYo
Thursday: Turbo Kick and yoga
Friday: Run + yoga, or rest
Saturday: PiYo
Sunday: Run + yoga, or rest

I will also do the daily poses from the two yoga challenges I am following. Thursday and Friday or Sunday, I plan to do a longer yoga practice. 

Meals for the week! I was planning to stick with my Shakeology-in-the-afternoon plan, but I keep forgetting to make my egg muffins so I have been having my Shake for breakfast so far this week. Hopefully I will get those made tonight! 

Egg muffins and toast.
Chicken salad with lettuce; chips; apple
Salad with turkey burger, cherry tomatoes, green onion, and homemade ranch; chips; apple
Maize Mexican takeout
Soup and grilled turkey sandwiches
Crock pot chicken with rice pilaf and green beans
Pot pies with salad

So far, so good this week! Already looking forward to the weekend! How's your week going? Are you staying on track? 

Happy Tuesday!