Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Recap and Catching Up!

Happy Monday, fitness friends! Is anyone else feeling sluggish from a lil too much celebrating this weekend? I had a 4-day weekend (wonderful!) and also my birthday on Saturday so I did quite a bit of indulging and napping. ;) I don't feel too bad today, trying to keep myself hydrated, and looking forward to some cardio tonight!

I missed a week of blogging, so rather than trying to go back and remember, I'm just going to pretend I didn't forget it. :)

Here's what last week looked like:

Monday I went straight to the gym after work to get in a quick upper body lift. I didn't really have enough time once I got there, but I squeezed it in, and finished with pullups after Turbo. I probably didn't do the reps as slowly as I should have, though. However, I am feeling stronger, and I think my guns are showing it. ;)

After that was Turbo! I decided to throw it back to Round 32 again, but I decided last minute, and didn't have time to review sufficiently (should've waited a week), so I felt a little like I didn't know what I was doing... hate that! Also, the microphone in the studio was broken. Not broken like, it didn't work, but broken like, physically broken. It was flopping around hitting me in the face while I tried to do some plyo jumps. Very distracting. Hopefully, my class didn't notice my "off" feeling, and I was still super sweaty after class, and felt better about Monday, as I always do. :)

I wore my Seaside Dot Deep Breath Tank, and my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts.
Tuesday I woke up sore and stiff, so I slept in, and didn't run as planned. I did teach PiYo at Refinery after work. Our last week doing Lesson 26! It was a big class, lots of energy, and super fun! I kept waiting for this Lesson to get easier or for my body to get "used" to it, but it never happened. Love that!

I wore my black and Pink Shell Gather and Crow crops, and a stripey tank from Gap.

Wednesday I ran 2 miles, and then taught PiYo at the Y. Again, last week of the Lesson, and since I was already (still) sore from Monday and Tuesday, I questioned whether I'd make it through a few times. ;) The class was small because of the holiday but everyone worked super hard, and we finished strong with Lesson 26!

I wore my Frangipani Parfait Pink Speed Shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank.

Thursday, the 4th of July, I taught a special "mash-up" class at Refinery. I team taught with 4(!) other instructors, and we did 30 minutes of Turbo, and 30 minutes of Zumba. We had a huge turnout-- I think 22 people-- and the energy was CRAZY high! Music was thumping, and we went hard. I hadn't done Zumba for a long while, and really enjoyed, and was surprised at the intensity of a few of the tracks! I was a hot mess afterwards! Perfect way to start a holiday weekend! :)

Friday I rested.

Saturday was my birthday, and I taught my morning PiYo class at the Y. These guys are so awesome. When I arrived, they sang "happy birthday" to me! So sweet, and I'm sure my face was BEET red... I didn't know what to do with my hands. ;) We had an awesome class, did an extra Vinyasa track (owie!) and I was pretty sure I was gonna be able to push up from chatarunga a few times. ;) It was a great way to start my birthday!

I wore my NEW Raspberry Glo Clam Diggers (LOVE!) and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank. Best birthday outfit ever!

Sunday I had planned to do a full-body lift, but it was the last day of my staycation, and I was heading down to see my mom, so I decided to just take another day off. It felt good. :)

This week's workout plan:
Monday: Turbo-- new/old Round, lots of Turbo's planned! plus a lil yoga.
Tuesday: Early morning run (got a new lulu shirt to wear!), PiYo at Refinery (New Lesson!)
Wednesday: Upper body lift, PiYo at the Y.
Thursday: run, a lil yoga.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, yoga at home.
Sunday: Full body lift, maybe some cardio.

I'm excited to get back on track with my eating this week. I didn't eat terribly over the long weekend but had a couple desserts, and just a little more overall than what I'm used to. It felt SO good to have my Shakeology for breakfast this morning, and a salad with a handful of chips and an apple for lunch! (I know, I'm so predictable.) :)

Lunches are per usual. :)
Suppers will be:
-- "Meat"loaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli
-- Maize Mexican takeout (I usually have fish or chicken tacos, no cheese)
-- Grilled cheese and soup
-- Herbed chicken with rice pilaf and green beans

Here's a pic of my day "after" the 4th of July outfit. I kept it festive since my blue shorts didn't arrive in time to wear on the 4th. :)

And a pic of me and Rowan at the fireworks:

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, and a great week ahead! Remember to plan your meals, and schedule your workouts!


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