Monday, June 10, 2013

Ups and Downs

Ahh, another weekend has come and gone! I hope you all had a great one! Did you get some rest? Get your workouts and meals planned for the week? I did all of those things, and am (mostly) ready to face Monday!

This past week, I had a lot of anxiety over various things (we'll talk about that another time), and almost let it affect my workouts. This is especially problematic when I'm the instructor. Just because I'm  having a bad day, doesn't mean the people coming to my class for THEIR workout, should also have a bad workout. Thursday was especially challenging-- I made the mistake of getting on the scale after work, when I was feeling sore and bloated (stupid!) Of course the number was higher than I like to see, so then I felt fat, and gross, and even though it was in my head, I felt like I could SEE the higher number everytime I looked in the mirror. This was an  unacceptable attitude to have right before a TurboKick class, so I took about 5 minutes to have a pity party, and then I redirected my thoughts. I told myself to buck up, and that I'd feel better post-workout. It worked, and we had a great class-- but more about that later! :)

Monday was Turbo at Refinery, per usual! However, what was not per usual, was the intensity we had! We did five, yes FIVE, Turbo's, and it was insane! Everyone pushed so hard, and did it with a smile-- I was so proud. :) (and tired.)

Tuesday I had thought I'd get up and run, but after Monday's Turbo, my legs were shot, so I slept in, and taught PiYo at Refinery after work. Class was awesome as always! I had another big group, close to 20, and everyone worked so hard! I loved it! I have yet to get "used to" this Lesson, and I think I am sore every time I teach it.

After class I got caught up on some of my yoga poses! I wore my Pinkelicious Practice Freely tank and my side-tie shorts from Gap!
Wednesday I subbed a toned-down Turbo for a Sh'Bam class at the Y. I had a small group... It was an okay class. They weren't too into Turbo, and I'm not used to toning it down, so it was a little "off" feeling, if that makes sense. However, light cardio was what I needed, so I still got a good sweat, and burned some calories, and a couple of ladies after class told me they really liked it. I'll take that as a win. :)

After that was PiYo, and boy were my legs mad at me, hee hee! During the Flow section, they were SHAKING. Not going to lie, I loved that feeling. :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Practice Freely again, and my Frangipani pink Speed Shorts. So soft and comfy!!! 
Thursday I taught Turbo at Refinery. This was a bad afternoon for me (see beginning of post) so I was afraid I would just plain suck as an instructor. However, once I got going with the warmup, I got my mind right, focused on having fun, and by the time we got to Punches, I was good to go! We pushed hard-- we did Warmup, Punches, Kicks, Turbo, Punches and Kicks, Turbo, Recovery 1, Turbo, Recovery 2, Turbo, then cooled down.  Talk about a crazy HIIT workout! I was DRIPPING by the end and feeling SOOOO much better. :)

Friday morning I got up and ran 3 miles, which was awesome. The weather was perfect, no traffic, just me and the birds. I LOVE that! When I got back, I did some catching up on my two yoga challenges (still way behind!)

I wore my Frangipani speeds again, and my blush quartz long sleeve Swiftly. Perfect for a chilly morning! 
Saturday I had a sub for PiYo, because I was leaving town pretty early to go visit my mommy, so I rested
Sunday I rested again, just because I wanted to. :)
All in all, a pretty good week of workouts. I really want to get back on track and stay caught up with my yoga challenges, so that's the goal for this week!

Monday: Turbo HIIT at Refinery, catch up on some yoga poses.
Tuesday: Early morning run, PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge poses.
Wednesday: PiYo at the Y, yoga challenge poses.
Thursday: Early morning interval run, short Flow Yoga class from YogaGlo.
Friday: Rest, or swap with Thursday.
Saturday: Possible short run (2-3 miles), PiYo at the Y, yoga challenge poses.
Sunday:  R.I.P.P.E.D. class and 30-minute core class at Refinery, yoga challenge poses.

Lunches this week will be salads with either ground turkey, or grilled salmon, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and light raspberry vinaigrette. SunChips and an orange on the side. 

> Maize Mexican takeout
> Grilled salmon with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts
> "Meat"loaf with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli
> Turkey burgers with baked fries and corn chowder
Love how much smoother the week starts out when I am prepared. I have my meals prepped, my schedule planned, and ready to go! No excuses!! 
Hope you are feeling prepared as well, friends! 

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