Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick Recap!

Hello again, fitness friends! I am going to write a quick recap of my week, and plan for next week, but I'll be back tomorrow with another blog on a subject close to my heart-- standby for that!

Here's what I did this week:

Monday was 45-minute Turbo HIIT at Refinery! We did six, yes SIX Turbo's in this class! It was crazy sweaty fun! :) Such troopers, they are! <3

Tuesday I taught PiYo at Refinery. My legs were sore from all the Turbo's! We also changed up the Lesson a bit, which made a HUGE difference as far as the burn! I loved it!

I forgot to take pic of my outfit, but here are my yoga poses in my Express sweater and linen shorts. :)
Wednesday morning I got up early and went for a 2.5 mile run. Wowza, my legs were tired! I was planning for 3 miles, but 2.5 kicked my sore booty! :)
After work, I taught PiYo at the Y. I had this fantastic/devious idea to double up on our core sections. We took a vote, and went for it! It was cuh-RAZY! My abs loved me. ;)

I wore my Power Purple Gather and Crow Crops and my Paris Pink and Charcoal No Limits Tank.
Thursday I went straight to the gym after work and did some upper body weights. The program I'm following is great b/c each lifting workout only takes 20-30 minutes, depending on how long i rest in between sets! 
After lifting I taught Turbo! I had a small but SUPER energetic and fun group! Awesome class! 
I wore my classic stripe Speed Shorts and my Pinkeicious Run: A Mile a Minute Tank.
Friday I rested. I was VERY SORE from Wednesday and Thursday.
Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y at 8am! I had a pretty big class, and I got to introduce a friend to PiYo for the first time which is always fun!!! We doubled up on core again-- loved it!

I wore my gap side tie shorts, and my new seaside dot Deep Breath tank from Lulu. Love this outfit! 
Sunday is MY workout day, so I look forward to planning it each week! Today I did a R.I.P.P.E.D. class, and then did an upper body lifting workout. I used the pull-up assist machine for the first time, which was great! (They were VERY assisted pull-ups, hahaha!) My arms were so tired afterwards, I could barely wash my hair! :) Fantastic workout!

I wore my frangipani parfait pink Speed Shorts and my black No Limits tank! Sweaty pic alert!

Here's my plan for next week!

Monday: 45 minute Turbo HIIT, lil yoga practice
Tuesday: Early morning run, PiYo at Refinery, little bit 'o' yoga
Wednesday: possibly lower body lift, PiYo at the Y
Thursday: subbing for BodyStep with Turbo, upper body lift
Friday: rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, yoga at home
Sunday: TBD! 

Meals for the week:
Lunches will be salads with some combo (but not all at once) of:
--crab meat
--ground turkey
--hard boiled eggs
--cherry tomatoes
--sunflower seeds
--homemade ranch
--raspberry viniagrette

--chicken with lemon and herbs; mashed potatoes; broccoli
--tacos with Quorn meatless grounds
--Mexican takeout
--Quorn "chik'n" patty sandwiches; baked fries; soup
I'll be doing my meal prep tomorrow since I am eating lunch on the road tomorrow and can't take it with me! I'm planning to go to St. Louis Bread Company and get a salad there since I can't make my own. :)
I'm off to bed-- talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Changing Things Up!

Hello, fitness lovers! I hope you had a marvelous weekend! Mine was wonderful, spent mostly at home, running some errands, drinking coffee, working out,and relaxing. Perfection! ;)

My week this week was MUCH better than last! Felt a lot less anxious, and I decided it was time to mix things up with my workouts! I'm adding some lifting back in, especially now that we've been doing the same PiYo Lesson for a few weeks. I may change this up when a Lesson is new-- we'll see. I found a program online that I am using and slightly modifying. It entails two upper-body days, and two lower-body days, but I am going to do just one lower body lift. I may not do any, depending on how I feel mixing that in with crazy-hard PiYo lower body workouts. ANYWAY, it was a great week, and here's what I did:

Monday was Turbo HIIT class, per usual. We did Modulator Finale, which is always a hit! LOVE. THIS. FINALE! I don't think Turbo has had one that compares since then! After class, I did some catch up on yoga poses!

I wore my pink frangipani Speed shorts, and my black Deep Breath tank, plus my new Nikes! (Love these shoes!)

Tuesday I taught PiYo at Refinery. We did an extra Lower Body section, so my legs were dying after this class. Loved it!Worked on some yoga after class!

Here is one of the best Crow poses I've ever done! I wore my pink shell stripe Free to Be tank and my black Clam Digger crops. 
Wednesday I failed at getting up early to run, so after work, I did TurboFire HIIT 20 instead. I am always amazed at how sweaty I get doing a 20-minute workout! LOVE IT!
After that, I taught PiYo at the Y. I had some new people in class, and some regulars, and it was a great energetic group! Awesome workout. :)

I wore my pink shell and black Gather and Crow crops and my pinkelicious Practice Freely tank. One of my fave outfits!
Thursday I (finally!) got up early to run, and I went 3 miles. I felt like I was REALLY slow, b/c my legs were REALLY tired, but actually my pace wasn't too far off my usual, so that was good!
After work Thursday, I started my lifting program! I worry about my shoulder b/c it tends to flare up with overuse, but so far, so good! I did bicep curls, bench presses, tricep presses, rows, and shoulder presses. Three sets of each, 8-12 reps to muscle failure. It was crazy hard, but I was done in about half an hour! Love that!

Friday I rested. And let me tell you, I don't think I could've worked out if you'd paid me. My arms were SO STINKING SORE it was hard to even comb my hair or lift my coffee cup. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it, though. :)

Here is a pic of the fun casual outfit I wore out to dinner Friday night, and a messy bun I was proud I created!

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y. I was worried I might still be too sore, but it actually helped ease the soreness to work the muscles again. We had a huge class of 21 or 22 people, which is AMAZING to me for a Saturday morning at 8am! Love their dedication!

Today (Sunday) was a CRAZY day... I had agreed to sub for a CXWorx class at Refinery at 4pm, with a 30-minute core-focused PiYo class.  Then I couldn't say no to another sub request for a Combat class (I'd be doing Turbo) at 5:30. So, that left an hour in between to fill. Of course I wasn't just gonna sit around. ;) I did 30 minutes of RIPPED, and then went downstairs and did about 20 minutes of lifting, for a total of about 2.5 hours working out.  YIKES. This pretty ridic, actually, but it was fun, and it was Sunday, so I figured, why not? I drank 2 scoops of Results and Recovery Formula afterwards. Thank goodness for that stuff!

Top pic is my crazy sweaty ponytail after the craziness! I wore my indigo quiet stripe Speeds and my pinkelicious Practice Freely tank. 

Here's my workout plan for the week ahead:
Monday: Turbo HIIT, 45 minutes, Refinery; a little yoga catch-up.
Tuesday: Lower body lift in the morning; PiYo at Refinery. (This will be a test to see how the leg day will work).
Wednesday: Early morning run, unless my legs are dead from Tuesday; PiYo at the Y.
Thursday: Upper body lift; Turbo at Refinery.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Short run (2 miles); PiYo at the Y; a little yoga.
Sunday: Upper body lift; a little yoga; the rest TBD.

Here's what I have planned and prepped for meals this week:
Lunches will of course be salads, chips, and an apple. I got ground turkey, boiled eggs, some feta, blueberries, strawberries, shallots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and raspberry vinaigrette to go on them this week (not all at once, LOL!)

Here's a pic of one we had for dinner tonight! SO GOOD!

For dinners for the week, I have planned:
-- Tacos with Quorn grounds and homemade taco seasoning
-- Quorn "chicken" nuggets with mashed local potatoes, broccoli, and zucchini
-- Maize Mexican takeout
-- Grilled burgers (turkey for me, beef for Rowan), baked fries, and the same salad as the pic

I have all my meal prepping done, other than crumbling up some feta! I know I'm a broken record, but getting this done on the weekends makes eating healthy through the week SO MUCH easier! If you didn't get it done tonight, do it tomorrow, and help yourself out! It's worth the little extra effort. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and a great week ahead! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Ups and Downs

Ahh, another weekend has come and gone! I hope you all had a great one! Did you get some rest? Get your workouts and meals planned for the week? I did all of those things, and am (mostly) ready to face Monday!

This past week, I had a lot of anxiety over various things (we'll talk about that another time), and almost let it affect my workouts. This is especially problematic when I'm the instructor. Just because I'm  having a bad day, doesn't mean the people coming to my class for THEIR workout, should also have a bad workout. Thursday was especially challenging-- I made the mistake of getting on the scale after work, when I was feeling sore and bloated (stupid!) Of course the number was higher than I like to see, so then I felt fat, and gross, and even though it was in my head, I felt like I could SEE the higher number everytime I looked in the mirror. This was an  unacceptable attitude to have right before a TurboKick class, so I took about 5 minutes to have a pity party, and then I redirected my thoughts. I told myself to buck up, and that I'd feel better post-workout. It worked, and we had a great class-- but more about that later! :)

Monday was Turbo at Refinery, per usual! However, what was not per usual, was the intensity we had! We did five, yes FIVE, Turbo's, and it was insane! Everyone pushed so hard, and did it with a smile-- I was so proud. :) (and tired.)

Tuesday I had thought I'd get up and run, but after Monday's Turbo, my legs were shot, so I slept in, and taught PiYo at Refinery after work. Class was awesome as always! I had another big group, close to 20, and everyone worked so hard! I loved it! I have yet to get "used to" this Lesson, and I think I am sore every time I teach it.

After class I got caught up on some of my yoga poses! I wore my Pinkelicious Practice Freely tank and my side-tie shorts from Gap!
Wednesday I subbed a toned-down Turbo for a Sh'Bam class at the Y. I had a small group... It was an okay class. They weren't too into Turbo, and I'm not used to toning it down, so it was a little "off" feeling, if that makes sense. However, light cardio was what I needed, so I still got a good sweat, and burned some calories, and a couple of ladies after class told me they really liked it. I'll take that as a win. :)

After that was PiYo, and boy were my legs mad at me, hee hee! During the Flow section, they were SHAKING. Not going to lie, I loved that feeling. :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Practice Freely again, and my Frangipani pink Speed Shorts. So soft and comfy!!! 
Thursday I taught Turbo at Refinery. This was a bad afternoon for me (see beginning of post) so I was afraid I would just plain suck as an instructor. However, once I got going with the warmup, I got my mind right, focused on having fun, and by the time we got to Punches, I was good to go! We pushed hard-- we did Warmup, Punches, Kicks, Turbo, Punches and Kicks, Turbo, Recovery 1, Turbo, Recovery 2, Turbo, then cooled down.  Talk about a crazy HIIT workout! I was DRIPPING by the end and feeling SOOOO much better. :)

Friday morning I got up and ran 3 miles, which was awesome. The weather was perfect, no traffic, just me and the birds. I LOVE that! When I got back, I did some catching up on my two yoga challenges (still way behind!)

I wore my Frangipani speeds again, and my blush quartz long sleeve Swiftly. Perfect for a chilly morning! 
Saturday I had a sub for PiYo, because I was leaving town pretty early to go visit my mommy, so I rested
Sunday I rested again, just because I wanted to. :)
All in all, a pretty good week of workouts. I really want to get back on track and stay caught up with my yoga challenges, so that's the goal for this week!

Monday: Turbo HIIT at Refinery, catch up on some yoga poses.
Tuesday: Early morning run, PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge poses.
Wednesday: PiYo at the Y, yoga challenge poses.
Thursday: Early morning interval run, short Flow Yoga class from YogaGlo.
Friday: Rest, or swap with Thursday.
Saturday: Possible short run (2-3 miles), PiYo at the Y, yoga challenge poses.
Sunday:  R.I.P.P.E.D. class and 30-minute core class at Refinery, yoga challenge poses.

Lunches this week will be salads with either ground turkey, or grilled salmon, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and light raspberry vinaigrette. SunChips and an orange on the side. 

> Maize Mexican takeout
> Grilled salmon with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts
> "Meat"loaf with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli
> Turkey burgers with baked fries and corn chowder
Love how much smoother the week starts out when I am prepared. I have my meals prepped, my schedule planned, and ready to go! No excuses!! 
Hope you are feeling prepared as well, friends! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello, June!

Hellooo, and Happy Monday (ugh, haha)! I can't believe it's already June! This year is flying by! Did you all have a good weekend? I'm so thankful it's sunny today, even if I feel I could use an extra weekend day or two. :)

I had a great week last week, with both workouts and nutrition! My daily salads make such a huge difference on how I feel throughout the day. My workouts are better, and it's easier to stay on track at dinner as well. 

Here's my recap of last week's workouts!

See last week's blog for Monday!

Tuesday I taught PiYo at Refinery. I had a big class, super energetic and fun! We didn't have to stop much for previewing, so we got through a lot, and I was SO SWEATY by the end! I just love this workout! It's strength, it's cardio, it's stretching... all in 60 minutes!

I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts, black Deep Breath tank, and pink stripe bra from VS to match. :)

Wednesday I got up early for a 5k run. It was a fabulous run! So pretty and quiet-- just me and the birds. :)
I wore my Pink Shell Run:Chase Me skirt, and black Deep Breath tank again. 
Wednesday evening I taught PiYo again, at the Y. Another big class, and awesome sweat! Often on Wednesdays, I feel tired and a bit sore from Tuesday, but this class always pumps me up! They are so much fun! <3 
I wore my Power Purple Gather and Crow crops and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank. One of my favorite outfits!
Thursday I rested.
Friday I got up early and did TurboFire HIIT 15. OMG, so intense! I forget how intense these HIITs are-- it's 15 minutes for a REASON! Whew! It felt awesome, though!

After work Friday, I went to Happy Hour Hot Flow yoga with a couple of friends. It was SUPER hot in the studio and it felt awesome! I had a great practice-- what a perfect way to start the weekend! 

I wore my black Clam Digger crops and my Flash Scoop neck tank! 
Saturday I got up early, and ran 2 miles before PiYo. This was ROUGH, as my legs and booty were sore from Friday, plus, it's always hard to get up early on a Saturday! But I wanted to get it done, and I was glad I did. :)  After the run was PiYo at the Y. My legs slightly regretted the run during the Flow section, but it was worth it!! 

I sore my gray and cream Free to Be tank and my charcoal shorts from Gap. Kitty photobomber. :)
This is my fave casual look for summer this year, and what I wore to visit family Saturday evening! 
Sunday I did a fast-paced Ashtanga yoga class from YogaGlo. I LOVE this website. Unlimited yoga classes for $18/mo... and you can do them on your own schedule! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing like a live yoga class, but let's face it-- sometimes we just can't make it. The class was a little TOO fast for me, actually, but it was a great workout and a great challenge! I was glad I fit it in. 
Afterwards I practiced some of the yoga poses for two Instagram challenges I am trying for June!

 Side Plank for #YogaInSpace
 Downdog for #YogaInSpace
 Tiptoe Pose for #Dharmayogachallenge
Supported headstand variation for #DharmaYogaChallenge. 
I'm a little daunted by the Dharma Yoga Challenge, as I think it might be too advanced for me, BUT, I'm going to give it a try, and we will see! 

Here are the workouts I have planned for the week:

Today: 45-minute Turbo HIIT workout at Refinery, little yoga.
Tuesday: EARLY morning run (3 miles) and PiYo at Refinery. Maybe a little yoga.
Wednesday: Subbing a lower-intensity Turbo class for Sh'Bam at the Y, PiYo.
Thursday: 60-minute Turbo and some yoga. 
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Early run (2-3 miles) and PiYo at the Y.
Sunday: Some kind of light cardio, yoga.

And, meal plan!

Lunches will be salads with cucumber, tomato, strawberries, celery, feta, sunflower seeds, and a salmon burger crumbled on top. Chips and apple on the side. 
I did all the meal prep last night, so it'll be easy to throw everything together each day! 

> Quorn "chicken" nuggets with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts
> Turkey burgers with baked fries and soup.
> Mexican carry out.
> Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds. 

I am pretty excited about the week ahead! My workouts are a bit much b/c of subbing and trying to fit in that run on Saturday, but if it's too much I'll back off a bit. But hopefully I'll be good!

I hope you've got your plan of attack for the week! If you want some accountability, share it with me, and I'm happy to check in and make sure we're all staying on track!  

Happy Monday, and cheers to your health!