Sunday, May 12, 2013

Setting Goals

Ahh, the close of another weekend! If only they didn't end so quickly! It's funny how Friday afternoon seems to crawl by so slowly, but Sunday afternoon FLIES! *sigh*

Anyway, if you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that goal-setting in fitness is something I've been struggling with for a little while. For years I've had almost exclusively weight-loss goals, unless I was training for a race, then I had those running goals. Without the desire to lose more weight, I felt adrift, floating along with nothing to work towards. Well, NO MORE! I heard some wise words this week about setting goals that aren't necessarily FOR any particular purpose. Sometimes, we can set goals that are JUST for fun!! I've been doing this with my yoga practice without even realizing it! :)  So, I'm going to focus on that, setting goals (headstands! Firefly! Crow!) that are just for the heck of it, not b/c I want to look different or run faster or have a flatter stomach.

Moving on to my weekly recap:

Monday was TurboKick at Refinery. (Posted about this already, but just in case you missed it. . .) I started a new Round, and it's SOOOO good. Lots of booty-shakin' options (pop it! pop it!) and a SUPER intense Turbo section! The girls did an awesome job, and we burned a bajillion calories! I was SORE the next morning!

Outfit Repeat! I wore my Pinkelicious Speed shorts and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank!
Tuesday got up and ran 3 miles in the morning.  It was a lovely cool morning, and I felt great! After work, I taught PiYo at Refinery. New Lesson is SO intense! I absolutely love it, and my lovely PiYogis worked SO hard! It was awesome! :)

I wore my Gap side-tie shorts, and my Pretty Pink No Limits tank
Wednesday I taught PiYo at the Y. I started to really "get" this Lesson by Wednesday, so I was able to make it even more intense! I am curious to know how many calories we burn in this Lesson-- I bet it's a lot! Awesome workout!

I wore my new Power Purple Gather and Crow Crops and my Pink Shell striped Free to Be tank. 
My yoga pose for the day was shoulder stand. Need to work on getting my back straighter!
Thursday I taught Turbo at Refinery. Again, new Round, and this time we had a full hour, so it was even more intense! I was a hott mess by the end, but it was so much fun! This is definitely my favorite cardio workout! After class, I worked on some of my yoga challenge poses.  It felt great to do some yoga after Turbo! 

I wore my new Inkwell Speed shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank. Love this combo! 
Yoga poses: top: redid shoulder-stand-- much improvement even in just a day! Bottom: Dancer's Pose, or Standing Bow Pose!
Friday I rested. 

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y. I switched up the sections this class, and did Full Body Fusion... YOWZA! I thought I was going to fall down the stairs after class! hehe, you know I loved it! Seriously, though, you really gotta try this workout! It's the best!

I wore my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank, and my Boogie shorts. Love this outfit too!
Today, Sunday, I ran 4 miles. Honestly, it was a miserable four miles. The pollen count is high, so my nose was running. My ankles hurt. I was dehydrated. I felt bloated. I was going to cut it short, but I started to feel better at about mile 2.5, so I decided to go ahead and push for four. I was so glad at the end that I did! 
I wore my black Chase Me skirt, gray Power Y, and Pretty Pink Swiftly. 
This afternoon, I went to a Power Yoga class at the Y. What an awesome class! We tried some poses that were super challenging, and felt amazing after a run! When I got home, I did a little home practice and caught up on my challenge poses!

I wore my Power Purple GAther and Crows, and my charcoal and Paris Pink No Limits tank. The top pose is my best attempt at Firefly pose, bottom is a bound Boat pose, and the bottom is prep for King Arthur pose.

All in all, it was a fantastic week of workouts! I wish I had found more time for yoga through the week, but I will do better this week! I want to work more on my headstands, and also try again for Forearm stand! 
The workout plan:
Monday: Early morning yoga + TurboKick
Tuesday: Early morning run + PiYo
Wednesday: PiYo + yoga at home
Thursday: Yoga at home + a run (or maybe rest)
Friday: Rest (or maybe a run + hot flow yoga)
Saturday: PiYo + yoga at home
Sunday: Longer run + Power Yoga

Here are my meals for the week ahead:

Breakfast is always Shakeology and/or toast with coffee. 

Lunch: Salads everyday! I'm mixing it up a bit with the toppings, though, and have some grilled salmon (Rowan makes the BEST EVER!) and some quinoa to add into the mix! Can't wait! ;) I also have chips/salsa, and apples, per usual.

  • "meat"loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans
  • Maize Mexican carryout
  • organic chicken pot pies and salad with homemade ranch dressing
  • organic turkey burgers and tomato soup
I am super excited for the week ahead! As usual, would love to hear your meal/workout plan for the week! Share below! :)


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