Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Gonna Be May!

Happy Monday, fitness friends! I'm a day late on posting, but last night I was just too exhausted! I can't believe it's already May 6!


I had a way-too-social weekend, and just kinda crashed after I got my Sunday food prep and organizing done! I had a good week of workouts and nutrition, for the most part. I was out of town Thursday night for a Friday morning seminar, and had a pretty indulgent dinner, but ordered a protein-rich room service breakfast Friday morning, and resisted snacking on empty carbs at the seminar! Friday was my rest day, so it worked out well.

Here is my recap!

Monday I did a TRX Circuit with Jerome at Refinery. It was a beautiful day, so we took it outside, and it was awesome! I didn't have much time, since I had to cut out early for Turbo, but it was still a good workout!

Then, of course, I taught Turbo! In case you missed previous blogs describing, Monday night Turbo is a 45-minute class, so we do it HIIT-style. (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training.) I'm a broken record plugging this class, and this style of cardio, but it's just SO effective. You get maximum calorie burn, for minimal time! So, we do a cardio section, then a Turbo, and repeat for 45 minutes! It's awesome! The class is full of hard workers, so this week we did FIVE Turbo's! YIPES! It was intense, but so much fun. Love these peeps! :)

I wore my ballet-back top from Victoria's Secret Sport, and my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts from Lululemon. This is my yoga pose for the day for the new #MayTheForceBeWithYogis Challenge on Instagram. 

Tuesday I got up early and ran 3 miles! I LOVE early morning runs. I don't even listen to music-- it's just me and the birds. :)

Tuesday night I taught PiYo at Refinery. We had mostly "regulars," so we powered through and did 2 extra sections-- Power and Balance. I died. :)

I wore my Lululemon Boogie shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile A Minute tank (also Lulu). Top pic is the yoga pose of the day-- Revolved Chair Pose!
Wednesday night was PiYo at the Y! Another challenging class, with 2 extra sections again! It was amazing. :)
I did my yoga pose-- Boat-- in my pj's. :)
Thursday I got up and ran again, since I had time before court, and knew I'd be driving up to Chicago later that afternoon. I did 3 slow, tired miles. My legs were exhausted from the week's workouts, and did not want to cooperate! I did it though!! 
 I wore my Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts, and my tech shirt from the Illinois Marathon 10K.
Friday was my well-earned rest day!
Saturday I taught a new PiYo Lesson- Lesson 26-- at the Y! Wowza! This Lesson is NUTS. I was pretty sure I was going to just tumble down the stairs to the main floor after class, my legs were so noodle-ish. Hee hee. 

Saturday afternoon I caught up on my yoga challenge poses. :)

Top pic is the dreaded Crow Pose. I'm getting better at it, though! Middle is a supported headstand with stag legs. LOVE HEADSTANDS! Bottom is fish pose with lotus legs (which I can't do, so I just did a modification.) I wore my Frond Gather and Crow Crops, and my Pink Shell Stripe Free to Be tank. 
Sunday I ran 3 miles. I intended to do a yoga class, but I had a mimosa at brunch, and was tipsy, and full, so I just did my challenge pose, and took it easy the rest of the day. I did kind of regret skipping yoga, I must admit. 
I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts (yes, again!), and my ballet-back top from VSX. Again. ;)
Today (Monday again!) I taught a new Round of Turbo at Refinery. Round 54 is SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love it, and absolutely love this group! We did 4 Turbo's, and sweated a TON. Love it! My friend Katie, her boyfriend Carl, Rowan and I went out for sushi afterwards, which was wonderful! Mondays aren't so bad. :)
I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts (Yes, AGAIN, I love them-- don't judge me!) and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank. 
Here's the plan for the rest of the week!
Tuesday: Early morning 3 mile run, PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Wednesday: PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, possibly some light cardio, yoga.
Sunday: Run 4 miles, Power Yoga at the Y. 

And, meals for the rest of the week: 

Lunches: usual salads, chips/salsa, apple. Nothing new here. See previous blogs for salad toppings. I swear, one day soon, I will change this up! :)
  • Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds
  • Maize Mexican takeout
  • Breakfast-- eggs with almond butter and toast (ask me about this-- sounds disgusting, but it's soo amazing and delicious!)
  • Sushi (tonight)
For breakfast, I always have a slice or two of toast (usually Ezekiel bread) and/or Shakeology.

 I am super super excited for my workouts this week! I love new Lessons and Rounds! Love being sore for days! And love my classes' excitement for the new stuff as well! Lots of love this week, HA!

What about you all? You know the drill, I want to hear your workout plan, and how you plan to stay on track with your nutrition! Do you count calories? Write out your meal plan? Eat clean? Would love to hear what works for ya!!

Have a wonderful week! <3



  1. Doing yoga everyday sounds good! With those poses, I can already say that you're a pro in yoga. I'm also amazed at your workout and diet plan. As for me, I'm focusing on strength training to build my core. I keep tabs on my calorie intake, but I let myself loose once in a while. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

    -Jetta Wetzel

    1. Thanks for that, Jetta! I definitely splurge more on the weekends, though I've been trying to reign that in a little. :) Your plan sounds perfect! I've been working on core strength as well! P.S. I am far from a yoga pro, but WOW, thank you! :)