Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, friends! How has your weekend been? I was pretty disappointed about the rain at first, but it ended up being a wonderful relaxing weekend with Rowan. :)

I had another great week of workouts last week, and stayed on track with my nutrition every day until Friday cheat night! Even then, we ate pretty lightly. I had some spin/artichoke dip, a grilled chicken sandwich, tomato soup, and an apple ale. It was a beautiful evening, so we sat outside-- perfect!

My big cheat this week was actually last night... Rowan made fettuccine Alfredo. It's soooooo amazingly good, worth every calorie! No guilt. :)

Here's my workout recap:

Monday I taught Turbo at Refinery! We did the usual HIIT-style workout, with FOUR Turbo's, and did the Finale at the end. OMG. I died! I was so thankful for Results and Recovery Formula after class! It was just what I needed. (If you're interested in this product, let me know!)

I wore my inkwell Speed shorts and my Flash Scoop tank! I LOVE this color!!! LOVE! :)
Tuesday I got up early and went for a 2 mile run. I had intended to go 3, but I didn't get up in time. ha! After my run, I did a couple yoga poses along with my post-run stretch!
I felt like my back was sooo arched in this pose... then I looked at my poor lil bend, and I had to laugh! :)
I wore my Flash Scoop tank again, and my black Chase Me skirt! 
Tuesday evening I taught PiYo at Refinery! We had a huge class, and everyone worked so hard and had so much energy!!! I was POOPED by the end!
I wore my side-tie Gap shorts, and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank! One of my favorite outfits. :)
Wednesday I taught PiYo at the Y, and I was SO SORE from Tuesday, I wasn't sure how I was going to get through it. THEN, the class was super energetic and wanted to do an extra section (we had time, since the class after ours was canceled), so I did not get to take it easy as I had planned. I was TOAST afterwards, but it was AWESOME!! :)
I wore my new Pinkelicious Practice Freely tank with my black Zella capris! 
The pose of the day was Child's Pose. Ahhhhh! 
Thursday I taught Turbo at Refinery. I had spent most of my day driving to a deposition, so I was in NEED of some movement! Turbo was perfect! It was a lot of fun, and kicked my BOOTY. Once again, I chugged down my Results and Recovery Formula after! So much fun. :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Practice Freely again, and my black and white stripe Speed Shorts. This tank is awesome-- highly recommend! 
Friday I rested. I was super sore, and super excited for a rest day! :)
Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y. Another big class, full of energy! We had a lot of fun, and per usual, my legs and booty were NOODLES at the end! This workout NEVER gets old! I don't think you ever really hit a plateau with PiYo! It's always evolving, always doing something different! :)

I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts and my black No Limits Tank!
Sunday I went to Power Yoga at the Y. I was feeling very lazy and didn't want to, but I was SO glad I did. If you think yoga is "ho hum" something you do on your rest days, you've never done a true Power Yoga class. I was shaking and sweating by the end! Awesome class! 

I did some yoga practice at home afterwards. Couldn't stick the handstand, but I sure had a lot of fun practicing it! Finished with Crow b/c it makes me happy I can do Crow now! I'm wearing my Boogie shorts, Pinkelicious Practice Freely, and my Pink Shell Forme jacket. 
Today (Monday) I went for a 4-mile run. I know that long, slow cardio is "out" in today's fitness community and HIIT cardio is much more effective for calorie burn. However, there is nothing like a long easy run to make me feel amazing. I can't/won't give those up, and you shouldn't do HIIT workouts every day anyway. :)
After my run, I worked on a couple yoga poses for the Instagram Challenge I'm doing! 

I wore my Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute Tank! I got photo-bombed trying this yoga pose, and then I nailed it! I was so excited I could do this! It's called Baby Grasshopper. :)
I love getting in a little yoga each day! Some days I just "don't wanna," but I never regret fitting it in! 
Here's my plan for the rest of this week:
  • Tuesday: early morning run (3 miles) and PiYo at Refinery + yoga.
  • Wednesday: PiYo at the Y.
  • Thursday: Not sure... maybe TurboFire, maybe INSANITY, maybe Cycling at Refinery. TBD! :) A little yoga for sure.
  • Friday: Rest or early morning run + yoga.
  • Saturday: PiYo.
  • Sunday: Rest, or run + Power Yoga (probably will rest, as I am going out of town, and don't think I'll be back in time.)
For meals this week, here's what I am doing: 

Lunches will be salads with organic ground turkey, tomatoes from the farmers market (YAY!), cucumber, celery, feta, and a new raspberry vinaigrette I am trying! Always chips/salsa and an apple on the side. :)

  • Organic turkey burgers, baked fries, soup
  • Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds
  • Quorn "chicken" nuggets, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts
Tonight we will have Mexican. :)

I so wish every weekend could be a three-day weekend! I think I'd happily work 4 ten-hour shifts and have Mondays off work every week! How about you?

Remember, do your food prep before you go to bed-- make your life a little easier in the morning-- make eating healthy the easiest option so you're not tempted to grab something processed!

Cheers, and have a wonderful (short!) week!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Ahhh, it feels like summer time today! I'm not quite ready for the heat + humidity that we had today, but it has mostly been awesome weather this past week! I love shorts season, especially when it's still cool enough to pair them with longer sleeves! I love having coffee on the patio, and eating dinner outside!

I had a pretty good week for nutrition, minus a couple splurges, per usual, and an awesome week of workouts, too! Here's my recap!

Monday was Turbo at Refinery! I had planned to get up early and do some yoga, but I sometimes have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights, so that didn't work out. Turbo was great, though! It's one of those workouts that NEVER gets easy! We did four Turbo's, so HIIT-style, and it was lots of fun. :)

 I wore my quiet stripe Speed Shorts and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank.

The yoga pose of the day was Pincha (my sad attempt, bottom) but since I can't yet do that one, I did a Supported Headstand with stag legs instead. Pretty proud of how long I was able to hold this off the wall! 

Tuesday morning I got up early and went for a 3-mile run. After work, I taught PiYo at the Y. We did a Full Body Fusion section this time, and WOW, it was killer! The class was mostly my regulars, so we didn't have to pause much between tracks, and I was DYING by the end! I loved it. :)

For my run, I wore Pinkelicious Speed Shorts and my T-shirt from the Illinois Marathon 10K. This shirt is perfect for morning runs when it's too chilly for a tank top!

For PiYo, I wore my pinkelicious tank again, and my black Boogie shorts.

Wednesday I told myself I was going to get up early and run again. However, when I woke up and stretched my legs out, they said "no, you are not going to run!" haha! I was sooooooo sore from Tuesday's PiYo! I just taught PiYo at the Y, and did the same sections as Tuesday. This was REALLY hard to do as sore as I was.

I wore my black No Limits tank, and power purple Gather and Crow crops (love these!) 
Thursday I rested. I had a half day off work, so I went out for lunch with Rowan, and had a salmon salad (yummy! healthy!)...and a Cosmo, and fried cheese curds (EEK!). THEN, I needed (and took) a nap. It was an awesome day. :)
Friday I fought a mental battle for about 30 minutes in bed before dragging myself up at 5:30 to go run. I only did 2.5 miles, but it was almost 30 minutes, so I felt pretty good about it. :)  After work, I went to Hot Flow Yoga with my friend Serena. I love going to yoga classes with her! However, I was feeling "off" this particular class, plus a woman in class basically pounced and attacked me for forgetting to leave my flip flops outside the studio when I came in to unroll my mat. I was like, GEEZ, calm down, lady! It's not the end of the world! Anyway, it kind of threw me off, and while I tried not to let it affect my practice, I just felt self-conscious and uncomfortable for most of the hour. 

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y! I was feeling really energetic, and I'm really starting to get this Lesson down, plus I had a group of 16 amazing participants, who really helped push us! So much fun. :)

Today, Sunday, I got up and went for a 2-mile, very brisk walk with my mom and her two dogs. Dang, they sure do walk fast! I felt like it was harder for me than running! It was also really humid and warm already, so I got super sweaty! 

After walking, I did some catch-up for my yoga challenge! 

I wore Pinkelicious Run:A Mile a Minute Tank, and my black and white stripe Speed Shorts. The top stretch was my favorite! The third down was the best I could do for side crow, and then the bottom two were the best I've ever done for regular Crow! I held it longer than ever, and felt my core getting stronger! I love that feeling! 
Here's my workout plan for next week:
Monday: early morning yoga (if I can sleep at a decent hour tonight) + 45-minute Turbo HIIT. 
Tuesday: early morning 3-mile run + PiYo.
Wednesday: early morning 2-mile run + PiYo.
Thursday: 60-minute Turbo.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo.
Sunday: 4-mile run (or maybe INSANITY) + Power Yoga.
I will also do my challenge poses each day, or at least most of the days. I still have a few days to catch up on. 
My meal plan is basically the same as  last week, so I wont re-post it all here. I will say, I am SUPER excited for some grilled salmon. Yum Yum! ;)
Here is a pic of my food prep I did today. It doesn't look like much, but with the addition of some salmon, more lettuce (in the fridge), some feta, and salsa, this will feed me for lunch for the week! Yum!
Also, I will probably eliminate having toast most mornings, and just focus on having my shake, except on Tuesday/Wednesday after my run. 

I'm really excited for a long weekend next weekend! i'm hoping to get my bike readied, and do some biking with Rowan! Fingers crossed for nice weather! 

Have you done your prepping for the week! Planning ahead helps me stay on track when things get busy! Feel free to share it below, or post a comment on FB! Accountability will get you through many an "I don't wanna!" :)

Happy Week Ahead, friends!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Setting Goals

Ahh, the close of another weekend! If only they didn't end so quickly! It's funny how Friday afternoon seems to crawl by so slowly, but Sunday afternoon FLIES! *sigh*

Anyway, if you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that goal-setting in fitness is something I've been struggling with for a little while. For years I've had almost exclusively weight-loss goals, unless I was training for a race, then I had those running goals. Without the desire to lose more weight, I felt adrift, floating along with nothing to work towards. Well, NO MORE! I heard some wise words this week about setting goals that aren't necessarily FOR any particular purpose. Sometimes, we can set goals that are JUST for fun!! I've been doing this with my yoga practice without even realizing it! :)  So, I'm going to focus on that, setting goals (headstands! Firefly! Crow!) that are just for the heck of it, not b/c I want to look different or run faster or have a flatter stomach.

Moving on to my weekly recap:

Monday was TurboKick at Refinery. (Posted about this already, but just in case you missed it. . .) I started a new Round, and it's SOOOO good. Lots of booty-shakin' options (pop it! pop it!) and a SUPER intense Turbo section! The girls did an awesome job, and we burned a bajillion calories! I was SORE the next morning!

Outfit Repeat! I wore my Pinkelicious Speed shorts and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank!
Tuesday got up and ran 3 miles in the morning.  It was a lovely cool morning, and I felt great! After work, I taught PiYo at Refinery. New Lesson is SO intense! I absolutely love it, and my lovely PiYogis worked SO hard! It was awesome! :)

I wore my Gap side-tie shorts, and my Pretty Pink No Limits tank
Wednesday I taught PiYo at the Y. I started to really "get" this Lesson by Wednesday, so I was able to make it even more intense! I am curious to know how many calories we burn in this Lesson-- I bet it's a lot! Awesome workout!

I wore my new Power Purple Gather and Crow Crops and my Pink Shell striped Free to Be tank. 
My yoga pose for the day was shoulder stand. Need to work on getting my back straighter!
Thursday I taught Turbo at Refinery. Again, new Round, and this time we had a full hour, so it was even more intense! I was a hott mess by the end, but it was so much fun! This is definitely my favorite cardio workout! After class, I worked on some of my yoga challenge poses.  It felt great to do some yoga after Turbo! 

I wore my new Inkwell Speed shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank. Love this combo! 
Yoga poses: top: redid shoulder-stand-- much improvement even in just a day! Bottom: Dancer's Pose, or Standing Bow Pose!
Friday I rested. 

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y. I switched up the sections this class, and did Full Body Fusion... YOWZA! I thought I was going to fall down the stairs after class! hehe, you know I loved it! Seriously, though, you really gotta try this workout! It's the best!

I wore my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile a Minute tank, and my Boogie shorts. Love this outfit too!
Today, Sunday, I ran 4 miles. Honestly, it was a miserable four miles. The pollen count is high, so my nose was running. My ankles hurt. I was dehydrated. I felt bloated. I was going to cut it short, but I started to feel better at about mile 2.5, so I decided to go ahead and push for four. I was so glad at the end that I did! 
I wore my black Chase Me skirt, gray Power Y, and Pretty Pink Swiftly. 
This afternoon, I went to a Power Yoga class at the Y. What an awesome class! We tried some poses that were super challenging, and felt amazing after a run! When I got home, I did a little home practice and caught up on my challenge poses!

I wore my Power Purple GAther and Crows, and my charcoal and Paris Pink No Limits tank. The top pose is my best attempt at Firefly pose, bottom is a bound Boat pose, and the bottom is prep for King Arthur pose.

All in all, it was a fantastic week of workouts! I wish I had found more time for yoga through the week, but I will do better this week! I want to work more on my headstands, and also try again for Forearm stand! 
The workout plan:
Monday: Early morning yoga + TurboKick
Tuesday: Early morning run + PiYo
Wednesday: PiYo + yoga at home
Thursday: Yoga at home + a run (or maybe rest)
Friday: Rest (or maybe a run + hot flow yoga)
Saturday: PiYo + yoga at home
Sunday: Longer run + Power Yoga

Here are my meals for the week ahead:

Breakfast is always Shakeology and/or toast with coffee. 

Lunch: Salads everyday! I'm mixing it up a bit with the toppings, though, and have some grilled salmon (Rowan makes the BEST EVER!) and some quinoa to add into the mix! Can't wait! ;) I also have chips/salsa, and apples, per usual.

  • "meat"loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans
  • Maize Mexican carryout
  • organic chicken pot pies and salad with homemade ranch dressing
  • organic turkey burgers and tomato soup
I am super excited for the week ahead! As usual, would love to hear your meal/workout plan for the week! Share below! :)


Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Gonna Be May!

Happy Monday, fitness friends! I'm a day late on posting, but last night I was just too exhausted! I can't believe it's already May 6!


I had a way-too-social weekend, and just kinda crashed after I got my Sunday food prep and organizing done! I had a good week of workouts and nutrition, for the most part. I was out of town Thursday night for a Friday morning seminar, and had a pretty indulgent dinner, but ordered a protein-rich room service breakfast Friday morning, and resisted snacking on empty carbs at the seminar! Friday was my rest day, so it worked out well.

Here is my recap!

Monday I did a TRX Circuit with Jerome at Refinery. It was a beautiful day, so we took it outside, and it was awesome! I didn't have much time, since I had to cut out early for Turbo, but it was still a good workout!

Then, of course, I taught Turbo! In case you missed previous blogs describing, Monday night Turbo is a 45-minute class, so we do it HIIT-style. (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training.) I'm a broken record plugging this class, and this style of cardio, but it's just SO effective. You get maximum calorie burn, for minimal time! So, we do a cardio section, then a Turbo, and repeat for 45 minutes! It's awesome! The class is full of hard workers, so this week we did FIVE Turbo's! YIPES! It was intense, but so much fun. Love these peeps! :)

I wore my ballet-back top from Victoria's Secret Sport, and my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts from Lululemon. This is my yoga pose for the day for the new #MayTheForceBeWithYogis Challenge on Instagram. 

Tuesday I got up early and ran 3 miles! I LOVE early morning runs. I don't even listen to music-- it's just me and the birds. :)

Tuesday night I taught PiYo at Refinery. We had mostly "regulars," so we powered through and did 2 extra sections-- Power and Balance. I died. :)

I wore my Lululemon Boogie shorts, and my Pinkelicious Run: A Mile A Minute tank (also Lulu). Top pic is the yoga pose of the day-- Revolved Chair Pose!
Wednesday night was PiYo at the Y! Another challenging class, with 2 extra sections again! It was amazing. :)
I did my yoga pose-- Boat-- in my pj's. :)
Thursday I got up and ran again, since I had time before court, and knew I'd be driving up to Chicago later that afternoon. I did 3 slow, tired miles. My legs were exhausted from the week's workouts, and did not want to cooperate! I did it though!! 
 I wore my Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts, and my tech shirt from the Illinois Marathon 10K.
Friday was my well-earned rest day!
Saturday I taught a new PiYo Lesson- Lesson 26-- at the Y! Wowza! This Lesson is NUTS. I was pretty sure I was going to just tumble down the stairs to the main floor after class, my legs were so noodle-ish. Hee hee. 

Saturday afternoon I caught up on my yoga challenge poses. :)

Top pic is the dreaded Crow Pose. I'm getting better at it, though! Middle is a supported headstand with stag legs. LOVE HEADSTANDS! Bottom is fish pose with lotus legs (which I can't do, so I just did a modification.) I wore my Frond Gather and Crow Crops, and my Pink Shell Stripe Free to Be tank. 
Sunday I ran 3 miles. I intended to do a yoga class, but I had a mimosa at brunch, and was tipsy, and full, so I just did my challenge pose, and took it easy the rest of the day. I did kind of regret skipping yoga, I must admit. 
I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts (yes, again!), and my ballet-back top from VSX. Again. ;)
Today (Monday again!) I taught a new Round of Turbo at Refinery. Round 54 is SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love it, and absolutely love this group! We did 4 Turbo's, and sweated a TON. Love it! My friend Katie, her boyfriend Carl, Rowan and I went out for sushi afterwards, which was wonderful! Mondays aren't so bad. :)
I wore my Pinkelicious Speed Shorts (Yes, AGAIN, I love them-- don't judge me!) and my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank. 
Here's the plan for the rest of the week!
Tuesday: Early morning 3 mile run, PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Wednesday: PiYo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, yoga challenge pose at home. 
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, possibly some light cardio, yoga.
Sunday: Run 4 miles, Power Yoga at the Y. 

And, meals for the rest of the week: 

Lunches: usual salads, chips/salsa, apple. Nothing new here. See previous blogs for salad toppings. I swear, one day soon, I will change this up! :)
  • Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds
  • Maize Mexican takeout
  • Breakfast-- eggs with almond butter and toast (ask me about this-- sounds disgusting, but it's soo amazing and delicious!)
  • Sushi (tonight)
For breakfast, I always have a slice or two of toast (usually Ezekiel bread) and/or Shakeology.

 I am super super excited for my workouts this week! I love new Lessons and Rounds! Love being sore for days! And love my classes' excitement for the new stuff as well! Lots of love this week, HA!

What about you all? You know the drill, I want to hear your workout plan, and how you plan to stay on track with your nutrition! Do you count calories? Write out your meal plan? Eat clean? Would love to hear what works for ya!!

Have a wonderful week! <3