Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yoga Fools!

Happy happy Sunday, friends! I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by! It was BEAUTIFUL and warm, and sunny, and just what I needed. Did you all get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather?

My workouts this week were AWESOME, and I felt great, though I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the week! Here's what I did:

Monday was TURBO, per usual! Big class, lots of energy-- we did 3 Turbo's, plus Modulator Finale, which is like, crawling out the door in a puddle of sweat. Love it!

I wore my Black No Limits Tank, and my quiet stripe Speed Shorts!

I also practiced my Yoga Fools Challenge Pose, but I did it in my pj's later, HA!

This pose is called Waterfall Pose, and I LOVED it! (Note: It does require some core strength, but there is a book under my hips.)

Tuesday I taught PiYo at Refinery. We had a packed studio, and everyone did so awesome! The Lesson I'm teaching has a LOT of hamstring work, and I LOVE that-- it has actually really helped lessen cellulite on my legs! :D 

I wore my Gap heathered shorts, my Pink Shell stripe Free to Be tank, and my Pink Shell Forme Jacket. One of my favorite outfits. This pose at the bottom is my feeble attempt at Side Crow. I could not get that other foot up yet! 

Wednesday I ran 3 miles at lunch, which went really well! I even took a few walk breaks, and still did about a 10:23 mile. (Sssshh, this is fast for me!) After work, I taught PiYo at the Y. This was SUPER tough after teaching it on Tuesday, but it felt great, and the class really motivates me-- they call me out if I cheat! ;) <3 

I was SO excited I could balance in tripod headstand for Day 3 of YogaFools! The first one was what I practiced-- then I realized my legs should be out in front of me instead of straight up. But by then I was tired, so I only got one leg out at a time. Super fun! I wore my Pink Shell and black Gather and Crow crops, and here's my trusty Forme Jacket again! :)

Thursday I had the night off from teaching, so I went with my friend Alena to a TurboKick class at Refinery. Secily taught Round 35, which is SO. MUCH. FUN! My legs were dying by the end, and I LOVED introducing a friend to the fun calorie-scorcher that is TK! She rocked it! :)

I wore my Blush Quartz sparkle speed shorts, my black and white stripe Free to Be tank, and my Blush Quartz Swiftly for to-and-from. Another of my fave outfits! The pose for the day was Bow Pose, which I was surprised I could even get this far into! My back is very inflexible, but I'm working on that!
Friday I ran 2.5 miles at lunch, very slowly, and walked when I felt like it-- I hadn't rested since last Friday, so my legs were super tired. I just wanted the cardio, and not to push too hard. It was a beautiful day, and a great run! I am trying to incorporate more running into my week now that the weather is getting nicer! 
After work I went straight to Amara Yoga for Happy Hour Hot Flow yoga. I adore this class. It's such a good workout, yet so relaxing! I had to take it a little easier than usual, due to some mysterious pain in my right hand. It hurt badly enough that I was worried about a stress fracture, so I backed off anything involving plank or side plank. But, I left feeling loosey goosey and ready to get the weekend started! 

Saturday my hand was feeling much much better-- what a relief! It was Launch day at the Y, so I taught PiYo with two wonderful instructors, Colleen and Melanie. Despite technical difficulties and not having a mic, it was fantastic! It was great to have portions of the class where I wasn't leading and could really focus on form, and also on picking up ideas from the other instructors! Great class. :)

I wore my Pink Shell Gather and Crow crops, and my black and white striped Free to Be tank. When I got home, I practiced Half Moon Pose! 

Saturday afternoon, since it was so warm, I went for a run. I had planned to go 4-4.5 miles, but the wind was INSANE, so I wussed out and only did 3. It felt like 4, though, I'm just sayin! 

I wore my Pink Shell Chase Me Skirt and my open-back tee from Victoria's Secret Pink collection. This skirt is the most functional piece of running clothing I've ever owned! It doesn't ride up, or need adjusting at all! Love it!

Sunday (today) I rested. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a rest day! My muscles were pooped! I did a lot of cleaning and cooking and errand-running today. It was a beautiful day, and we had the windows open all day too! Wonderful!

Here is my workout plan for next week! 

Monday: TURBO at Refinery + a lil yoga
Tuesday: PiYo at Refinery + a run if it's not raining + yoga
Wednesday: PiYo at the Y + a run if I didn't run Tuesday
Thursday: TURBO at Refinery + yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y + some type of low-impact cardio
Sunday: Run or TurboFire + Fun Flow yoga at Amara
Here are my meal plans!
  • Salads with ground turkey (seasoned with Creole seasoning), avocado, hard-boiled eggs, and green garlic dressing; chips; strawberries
  • leftover taco fixin's; apple
  • Leftover "meat"loaf; chips; apple
  • Grilled salmon, asparagus, and rice pilaf 
  • Tacos with Quorn meatless grounds (ask me about these-- they are fantastic-- even my meatatarian boyfriend loves them!)
  • "Meat"loaf, again with Quorn (stop turning up your nose, and see above), mashed potatoes, green beans :)
  • Baked Quorn "chicken" nuggets, baked fries, salad
 You know what I'm gonna say next-- I ask you every week! What's your meal plan for the coming week? What's your workout plan for the coming week? Share it, and get some accountability! I'm dying to know! :)

Have a wonderful Monday!! 


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