Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's All About The Journey!

Ahhh, I can't believe it's already Sunday night again! (Do I say that every week? Why do weekends fly by so fast?!) I could really use an extra day this weekend, to be honest. Dreading some stuff I have for work tomorrow, so I'll be glad to get that over with.

I had another great week of workouts, and MOSTLY great nutrition, other than some carb-overload on Thursday. I blame PMS (sorry if that's TMI.)  I am by NO means anti-carbs, but I realized recently that I was eating WAY more of them than my body needed. I try to focus my nutrition, especially at lunch, on vegetables and protein (thus, my ginormous salads everyday, heehee).

Thursday was proof that food prep is important. I forgot to brown up my turkey burgers, and I was out of hard boiled eggs, so I couldn't have my usual salad. I had a burrito instead, which, while not unhealthy, was super high in carbs and probably too much sodium, too. I felt sluggish in the afternoon, and starved by the time I got home, at which point, I ate a bunch of potato chips and an English muffin. Could've been worse, I suppose, but not the best day for my nutrition. I NEED my daily salad, yo!

Anyway, on to the workouts!

Monday I did TRX small group training with two other ladies. We were led by the infamous Jerome, who managed to kick our butts in a mere 30 minutes. Seriously, muscles were shaking. I was not sure I'd be able to jump as high as usual during Turbo afterwards! I was wrong about that, though. I had a super fun, energetic group of 13 or so ladies, and their energy made me forget all about my shaking shoulders. :) Great workout day!

Tuesday I taught PiYo at Refinery. I was super sore from Monday, so PiYo felt GREAT! Practiced Mermaid Pose some more at the end, and everyone did great at that, too! Awesome workout.

I wore my new Lululemon Boogie Shorts, and a burnout tank from VSX line. Here I am wearing them with my Lululemon Pink Shell Forme Jacket. The yoga poses from Monday and Tuesday were Reverse Warrior variation (bottom) and... the splits. STOP LAUGHING! :)

Wednesday I went for a 3-mile run on my lunch break. I went by myself, which I haven't done for awhile (usually go with Jana), and it went pretty well. There were lots of creepers out and about, so in an attempt to scurry by them, I ran faster than usual. A plus side to the creepers, I guess?

I wore my new Pinkelicous Speed Shorts from Lulu (OMG, LOVE!), my gray Power Y, and my Pretty Pink Swiftly. So much Lulu. :)
Wednesday evening was PiYo at the Y, as usual. One thing I love about PiYo, is I never really feel like my body gets "used" to it like other workouts. I swear, no matter how much I teach it, I am ALWAYS sore! Wednesday was a class full of (mostly) regulars, and they wanted to go hard, so that's what we did. Power track, Vinyasa track, Flow, Core-- we crammed it all in! So fun. :)
I wore the same thing as for my run-- except I changed into a black No Limits tank with the Pinkelicious Speeds. :)
Thursday I rested. And it was amazing. 
Friday morning I got up early to run. It was too cold to run, however, so I did TurboFire HIIT 30 instead. It's hard on my back to do high impact HIIT workouts early in the morning, so I took it easy on the first 2 drills to give my back time to warm up. That helped a lot. After that, I really went for it. I figured, it's only 30 minutes, might as well make it count! I slugged down some Results and Recovery Formula afterwards, and that really helped re-energize me. 

I didn't take a pic of my outfit, but here's my post-workout, sweaty, strong pic! I love how ripped this filter makes me look!:)
 Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y! We mixed up the Lesson yet again, and added a Balance track into the mix. My arms and legs felt like noodles afterwards! My friend Serena and I stuck around to do 20 minutes of cardio after class, on the Arc trainer. Man, those things can really get the heart rate up!! 
Saturday evening, I also worked on my yoga practice alone, catching up with some poses for Yoga Fools, and working on my inversions. Here's what I did:

 Upward Facing Dog Pose
 Crow Pose-- getting stronger!
 VERY modified version of Standing Mermaid Pose.
 Supported Headstand! Not touching the bookshelf!!
Tripod with arm variation. Hated this pose, and this was as far as I got with it.
I wore my Boogie shorts, a bra from Victoria's Secret Sport line, and my Victoria's Secret open-back T-shirt. I tied a knot in the back to keep it from flowing right over my head. :)
Today, Sunday, was a lovely spring day. I got out and ran 2.5 miles, then went to Fun Flow Yoga at Amara studio. I. Love. This. Class. The instructor is amazing, and I can feel myself getting stronger from week to week! I tried to focus my practice today on trying my best at each pose, and not being angry or frustrated if I needed to modify. It made every single pose better. I have goals for my yoga practice, of course. But I needed to focus, and remind myself that it's not the goals that matter-- it's the journey of getting there! That's what yoga is all about! 

The top is my run outfit-- Pinkelicious Speeds, black and white stripe Free to Be tank, and Pretty Pink Swiftly. For yoga, I changed into my GapFit drawstring shorts. They are stretchier and more comfy for yoga. Today's Yoga Fools challenge pose was Extended Puppy Pose. Harder than it looks, but a great stretch! 
Here's my workout plan for next week:
Monday: TRX training (maybe-- depending how sore I am from yoga) and Turbo at Refinery.
Tuesday: 2-3 mile run, PiYo at Refinery, short yoga practice at home. 
Wednesday: PiYo at the Y, yoga at home. 
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, yoga at home.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Running the 10K at the Illinois Marathon, yoga at home. 
Sunday: Fun Flow Yoga, maybe some light cardio, depending on how sore I am. 

Meal plan:
Breakfast is always Shakeology and/or toast with almond butter. 
Lunches: Per usual, big salads with some combo of organic turkey burgers, hard boiled eggs, avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, light on the dressing. Chips. Apple. 

"Meat"loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans (still never fixed this from two weeks ago)
Organic turkey burgers with baked fries and salad
Baked whole grain spaghetti and salad
Mexican take-out. (Local place called Maize that is sooo yummy, not greasy, and doesn't upset the tum!)

Looking forward to the week ahead, at least once Monday morning is over with. What about you, friends? What does the week ahead hold for you? Are you ready for it? Let's protest, and demand an extra weekend day this week! ;) 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am so glad to hear your are changing your thinking on your yoga practice!!! I think you will get so much more out of it if you are starting to treat it as a practice and not just an end result. Some days you will be able to do a pose to the fullest extent and others you will not be able to balance at all. I think that is what makes yoga so wonderful!