Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Many Rest Days...

Happy Monday, fitness friends! I have another catch-up to do, though there's not too much to write, as I'm coming off of a three-day rest period, due to my shoulders being injured or on the verge of injured. I started having shoulder pain on the right shoulder a few weeks ago, but it was come-and-go, so I wasn't too worried.  Except then it started sticking around, and then my left shoulder developed an obnoxious twitch in the lateral deltoid, so after talking with some very knowledgeable friends, I decided my shoulders were trying to tell me to TAKE A BREAK! They are both feeling much better after a hiatus, and I am fired up and ready to work again! I've tweaked my schedule a bit to avoid any further shoulder aggravation. :)

Here's my weekly recap!

Monday was Turbo at Refinery! I already talked about this class on my last post, but I forgot to post a photo, so here's that:

I wore my indigo quiet stripe Speed Shorts, and my black No Limits tank. Love!
Tuesday was PiYo at the Refinery. So nice to be in a bigger space for this class! Shoulder was twitchy, but still a fun workout! I mixed up the sections, too, and did Flow first, then pushups, then Lower Body, and finished with Planks and Core. Amazing how much more challenging it was in this order! No plateaus for us! :)
I wore my heathered charcoal Groove pants, and my gray/polar cream Free to Be tank. 
Wednesday I went to the gym in the basement of my office building, and signed up for a free week to give it a try. It's very small and basic, but for lunch-time workouts, that's all I would need. I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill. It was pretty awful, honestly, but I needed my inhaler, and didn't want to stop to go back up three floors to get it. I got it done, and burned some calories, though. :)
Wednesday night I had PiYo at the Y. We had 27 people!!! Holy craziness! Honestly, our studio isn't quite big enough for this many people, but I adjusted the routine, and had people turn to try to avoid crashing into each other. It worked pretty well (if only I could've kept right and left straight, HA!) Everyone was awesomely patient, and worked really hard-- fantastic class! <3 

I wore my Pretty Pink No Limits Tank, and my new heathered black side-tie shorts from the Gap. These shorts were great! Stayed put, wicking, and cute. :)
Thursday I had TurboKick at Refinery. I had planned to do some weight training, but by Thursday, my shoulder twitch was driving me INSANE, and I had decided I have to back off the weights a bit when I'm doing so much PiYo. We also had a huge snow/ice storm on Thursday, so I was doubtful anyone would really show up for Turbo! They did, though! The four of us rocked it out, sweated, and had a good time before heading back out into the elements. It was fun. :)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I rested. Thankfully, my shoulder stopped the incessant twitching, and I feel ready to hit it hard again this week! 

Here's my plan:

Monday (today): Turbo at Refinery! Can't wait to teach my old school mix again!
Tuesday: Run on the treadmill at lunch (b/c it's supposed to snow again, BOO!), then PiYo at the Refinery, 5:30pm.
Wednesday: ChaLEAN Extreme, Burn Circuit 2, 5:30am, PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Run or TurboFire HIIT 25 at 5:30am, Happy Hour Hot Flow yoga at Amara, 5:30pm.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am, 30 mins of cardio (elliptical or ARC trainer).
Sunday: Run and stretch.

All this will be dependent on how my shoulder feels. Not sure about putting How Flow and PiYo back to back, but we'll see! Fingers crossed! :)

And, finally, I spent a TON on groceries this week-- we were out of EVERYTHING! But it felt good to get healthy food restocked, and create a meal plan for the week!

  • Salads with hard-boiled eggs, turkey burgers, guacamole, bleu cheese-- some combo of these things, plus chips or popcorn. 
  • Amy's frozen vegetable lasagna with green beans
  • Turkey burger with green beans

  • "Meat"loaf made with Quorn with mashed potatoes and broccoli or green beans (I really love green beans, hehe)
  • Breakfast for dinner-- eggs, toast, baked hashbrowns
  •  Turkey burgers with baked fries and salad with goatcheese, croutons, homemade ranch, and glazed walnuts
  • Baked tilapia Alfredo with baked sweet potatoes and broccoli or green beans.
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Popcorn
  • Apples
  • Wholly Guacamole with chips
So there it is! My PLAN. I can't stand "waiting to see" how my shoulder will feel. I like to know exactly what I am going to do, and when! So cross your fingers for me that this schedule will go exactly as planned. HA! :)

Have a wonderful week, friends, and if you're in Champaign-- join me for Turbo tonight!


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