Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl, friends! Are you watching the game? I am "watching," and now that the Halftime Show is over, I've kind of lost interest. ;)  Are you indulging in Super Bowl fare today, or sticking with your healthy eating? I didn't do TOO bad. I had two pieces of pizza and a salad. I also made cookies, but didn't eat too many (yet, HA!) Not too bad considering how badly I COULD have eaten, right?!

Onto my recap for the week! Here's what I did:

Monday I got up early (what?! On a MONDAY?! Yup.) and did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3, which focuses on Chest & Back. I increased my weight, but had my Results and Recovery Formula, so I powered through!

I wore my indigo stripe speed shorts, and black No Limits tank.

Monday night was TURBO, 45 minutes of HIIT-style cardio at Refinery! I have a couple of recent Turbo converts in this class, and they are BRINGING the energy! It was so much fun!

 I wore my black and white striped Speed Shorts, a pink bra from Target, and my black "I've Been Refined" tank. 

Tuesday morning it was over 50 degrees, so I got up early and went for a 2.5 mile run. It was FABULOUS!
I wore my black Zella Live-In capris, my gray Power Y, and my pink Long Sleeve Swiftly.

Tuesday evening I had PiYo at the Refinery! It was a full house, and lots of fun! It was also really warm in the studio, so we were DRIPPING by the end! Super awesome workout!

I wore my black Clam Diggers and my gray and white striped Free To Be tank.
Wednesday I did PiYo at the Y-- we had 24 PEOPLE! Cuh-razy, but everyone was super patient with the tight squeeze, and the class was fun, and intense, per usual! Something about a room full of people pushing hard as you are that is SO motivating! 
I wore my flash Power Y and my black and pink shell Gather & Crow crops. These crops may be my favorite ever. I don't think I had to pull or tug on them one time the whole class!

Thursday I got up early and did TurboFire HIIT 20, plus just the arm portions of ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1. This circuit focuses on biceps and triceps, and it is my fave! Chugged down my Results and Recovery Formula to help prevent soreness! 

Friday I rested. I was super excited for casual Friday at work, b/c I got a new Lulu jacket Thursday night, and it's GORGEOUS!

A pink shell Forme jacket. I absolutely LOVE it!

Saturday was PiYo at the Y! I was SUPER excited about this because I had two friends coming, one of whom was trying PiYo for the first time ever!! I am hoping to convert her into an instructor!!! :))))  We had 20 people in class (at 8AM!), and we did pushups, planks, squats, lunges, standing ab work, core work on the mat, yoga flow, stretching, and more! Awesome workout! 
I wore my pink shell Gather & Crow crops and my pink shell Cool Racer Back. 
I got my hair done Saturday afternoon! Love it!

Today my friend Katie and I went to the Y for a special Super Bowl version of Dwayne's cycling class. We were too late to get a bike, though, so we decided to do some lifting. We headed to the free weights area and did shoulder work and dead lifts (a slightly altered version of ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 2). Arms like noodles, we had about 20 minutes to kill before Dwayne was teaching another Cycling class at 3:30, so we did 15 minutes on the Arc trainer! Then we did 45 minutes of crazy intense cycling. Dwayne was awesome! He really pushed us, and it was an AWESOME cardio workout!!

I wore my black Zella capris and my gray and paris pink No Limits tank!

Annnnnd, here is the workout plan for next week:

Monday: Turbo at Refinery, 6pm!
Tuesday: ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3 at 5:30am, PiYo at Refinery, 5:30pm.
Wednesday: Morning run, 2-3 miles, PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm.
Thursday: ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1 at 5:30am, Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday PiYo at the Y, 8am.
Sunday: TBA! Some combo of lifting and cardio. :)
Meal plans for next week:
  • Amy's frozen meals, various (I try to stick with the higher protein options, and options with veggies. I avoid the mac & cheese, and other super carb-heavy options.)
  • Turkey burgers with green beans or salad and 1 serving of chips.
  • Salad with egg whites and/or crumbled turkey with homemade ranch and reduced-fat feta.
  • Breakfast for dinner (eggs, toast, tater tots).
  • Baked tilapia Alfredo with  rice pilaf and broccoli.
  • Pot pies with salad.
  • Potato leek soup (Imagine brand) and grilled cheese. 
 Mostly, my weeks all look the same, eh? haha! I am a creature of routine for SURE!

I will say, the past three weeks of lifting heavy again have really made me feel great. I haven't lost any pounds on the scale, but I am feeling leaner and tighter! PiYo is FANTASTIC, but my body was craving something different, and ChaLEAN was just the thing! If you want to get into weight lifting, without devoting hours a day, this is the program! Ladies, you will not bulk up! It's just not in our genetics. Try it! Go heavy or go home! :)

Til next time!