Sunday, January 20, 2013

Progress, Not Perfection, or, I Ate The Cookie...

Happy Sunday once again, my friends! Did you have a good week? How was your weekend? I felt like this was a really good week for me, and a fabulous weekend as well! How did everyone do with your fitness goals? I stayed on track most of the week, and this was one of my better weekends for sure. I still ate a (rather large) cookie tonight, but my overall weekend eating was much better than usual. Progress, not perfection!! :)

Here's my recap of the week!

Monday I had TurboKick at Refinery. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning (per usual), but otherwise, it went well! I had 4 or 5 participants, and they really kicked some booty! Slowly but surely, I think we will build up the Turbo following at this gym! People just have to try it, and soon they'll be hooked! I haven't found a better cardio workout anywhere, and it's SO FUN! We did 45 minutes and 3 Turbo sections-- great calorie burn!

Tuesday I got up at 5am (ok ok, it was 5:20) to pump some iron. I did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3, which is chest and back. It was intense, but lifting SHOULD be intense! Go heavy or go home, right?! I left out some of the leg exercises, because of PiYo later.

I was starving afterwards so I made myself this delish breakfast: egg whites with cherry tomatoes, and toast with a dab of butter, plus my normal coffee. Mmmm!

Tuesday evening I taught PiYo at Refinery. Lesson 24 is intense, and a particularly great leg and cardio Lesson. Actually, it's pretty intense on the core and arms as well. I die! I had a guest instructor, Melanie, for a few tracks, and she was so much fun! It's nice to be on the other side of the mic from time to time-- it went great!

I wore my gray and cream Free to Be tank and my black Zella capris.

Wednesday I got up at 5:15ish, with the intention of running, but I was SO tired, and my legs were still tired from PiYo, so I didn't end up going. I boiled some eggs for my lunch (tuna salad), and made myself breakfast. It was nice to have some extra quiet time. 
Instead, I ran 2.5 miles at lunch with my friend/coworker Jana. It was an "ok" run. I had an asthma flare up, which really slowed me down, but I still finished, and was glad I did! 

Wednesday night I taught PiYo at the Y. We had a huge class-- I think 21 people?!-- and it was super super intense. We did the Plank track, AND the pushup track. Again, I DIED! So hard, but so fun! I left a puddle on my mat! 

I wore my black and white stripe Run:Speed Shorts and my pow pink No Limits Tank.
Thursday I got up at 5:20 (AGAIN! GO ME!) and did TurboFire HIIT 20. This is my favorite TF workout, and definitely my favorite HIIT workout. I had some Results and Recovery Formula in my water to get some calories in my body as I worked, and it really helped keep my energy up! I pushed HARD, and was dripping sweat by the end! (I did not take a sweaty pic for you. You're welcome.)
Friday I got up, once again, at 5:20 (this has to be a record for me!) to lift. I did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1, which is bi's and tri's. It's my favorite for sure. My biceps and triceps are really pretty strong, so I always feel really accomplished when I do this one. I did need a little extra motivation, though, so I wore a cute outfit even though no one would see it (except my blog readers). :)

I wore my black and white striped speed shorts again (Hey, they were handy) and my silver grey Power Y tank.
Friday at lunch, I ran 2 miles with Jana again. MUCH better run this time! The weather was great-- a little windy, but sunny and mid-40's. Lovely. :)
As a side note, I was EXTREMELY thankful on Friday for Beachbody's Results and Recovery Formula. I drank 2 scoops during and after my workout Friday morning, and I was barely sore from ChaLEAN. (Last time I did Push 1, I could barely straighten out my arms the next day!) That stuff is legit-- highly recommend! Let me know if you wanna try it! 
 Mmm Blue Moon. Perfect end to a long Friday! :)

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y! You know the usual PiYo raving I do... ;) This was a class of 18, FABULOUS! What a dedicated group, getting up early on a Saturday! :)

I got this new skirt that I am SO SO SO SO SO excited about! It's a Chase Me Skirt in Pink Shell, and a Lululemon "angel" shipped it to me from Georgia! I am wearing it here with my grey and polar cream Free to Be tank. Isn't it ADORABLE!? I plan to be wearing it pretty frequently. :))))

Saturday afternoon I headed to my mommy's. We hung out all evening and all morning/early afternoon Sunday, so Sunday was my rest day this week. Lovely. :)

Overall, a great week!! 

Here's the plan for next week:

Monday: Turbo, 45 minutes, HIIT style
Tuesday: I have a trial out of town and had to sub out my PiYo class, so I may do ChaLEAN Extreme Push 2 after I get home, depending on how late it is. If it's too late, may have to make Tuesday a rest day...
Wednesday: Run 2-3 miles, PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm. 60 minutes, HUGE calorie burn!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am
Sunday: Run 3-4 miles, ChaLEAN Extreme Push 2 or 3, depending on Tuesday.

Meal plan for next week:
  • Tacos made with Quorn grounds instead of ground beef
  • Turkey burgers with fries, salad, and homemade ranch
  • Tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • Organic pot pies and steamed veggies
  • Taco salad leftovers
  • Turkey burger with salad
  • Amy's vegetable lasagna
  • Amy's burrito
  • Steamed veggies to go with any of the above
  • Salad to go with any of the above
For snacks I bought some Wholly Guacamole, popcorn, and of course I have Shakeology.

One thing I was conscious of while grocery shopping this week was buying things that were organic and non-GMO. Do some research on GMO foods... let me know your thoughts!

Lesson of the week, as the title of today's blog suggests, is PROGRESS, not PERFECTION! Keep that in mind as you work towards your goals, whether fitness goals or life goals! One step at a time!

Cheers to the week ahead!

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