Saturday, January 12, 2013

Loving 2013!

Hello, and happy weekend, my friends! How is your 2013 going so far? So far, so good for me! I have been SUPER tired this week-- not sure what's up with that? I felt like I couldn't get enough sleep! However, my workouts went awesomely well, and I did pretty good with my nutrition as well! Here's my recap!

Monday was my first TurboKick class at Refinery! It was small, but we had so much fun! It is only 45 minutes, so I taught it HIIT style, with a Turbo after each section. I was dripping! Hoping to see more faces there next week!!

Tuesday I just did PiYo at Refinery-- my legs were stiff from Turbo, and I knew they'd take a beating with Lesson 24! This Lesson is no joke. It's cardio, strength, core, stretching- the whole works! I left a puddle of sweat on my mat, and the class's energy was through the roof! Love them!

I wore my Gather & Crow Crops, shell pink Cool Racer Back, and my Toasty Tech Pullover for to-and-from. I LOVE this pullover. I think I need more colors. ;)
Wednesday I ran 2 miles with my friend Jana at lunch. It was great, EXCEPT, I was way overdressed and got a lil overheated. :) Wednesday evening was PiYo at the Y! We had 21 people in class, and man, were they energetic! Everyone worked really hard, and it kicked my booty, per usual! Loved it! 
I wore my Gather & Crow crops again, and my Flash Power Y tank!
Thursday I had TurboKick at Refinery again-- this time I team-taught with Secily, which was a blast!!!! We switched every 2 sections, which was great! We had a pretty big class, and they seemed to have fun! I KNOW they burned a ton of calories! 
I had planned to lift before Turbo on Thursday evening, but I just plain forgot. I came home and tried on 395903487593457 different outfits before I remembered my plan. Whoops! 

I finally settled on my black Lulu skirt and my pink shell Cool Race Back!
Friday I normally rest, but it was 55 degrees yesterday, so I decided to switch things up! First, I got up early, thanks to some accountability from my friends Serena and Jana, and did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 2. This Circuit focuses on shoulders, my least favorite. The workout is only about 30 minutes, though, so I sucked it up, and got it done! Yay! 
Then, Jana and I ran 3 miles at lunch. My legs were TIRED, so this was a little rough, but we still finished in pretty good time! The weather was beautiful-- perfect temp for running! 
I wore my black Zella Live-In Capris, my gray and polar cream Free to Be tank, and my pig pink Long Sleeve Swiftly. Perfect for the temp!

Today was PiYo at the Y! We did lotsssss of pushups, and lots of squats and lunges, per usual-- my legs were like "Whaaaaaaaat are you doing to us?!" It was good, though! 19 people really brought the energy!! Loooved it!

I wore black Zella live-in capris and my pink shell Cool Racer Back!

Tomorrow I will be lazy BUM, and ressssst!

Workout plan for next week:
Monday: Turbo at Refinery at 6pm
Tuesday:  ChaLEAN Extreme, Push Circuit 3 in the morning, PiYo at Refinery at 5:30pm
Wednesday: Early morning run, 2.5-3 miles and PiYo at the Y at 6:40pm
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am
Sunday: 3 mile run and ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1

I stuck to my eating plan all week! (I have determined, unfortunately, that Jimmy Johns upsets my stomach too bad for me to even enjoy eating it anymore. I am not sure if it is the bread, or the lettuce, or what? It was miserable, though. So, that won't be on my "lunches" list again...) Otherwise, I did well, and stayed within my calorie budget everyday but one.

Here are the meals I have planned for the upcoming week!

Turkey burgers and popcorn or soup, two days
Amy's Light and Lean Lasagna
Evol chicken and lime burito
Tuna salad with egg whites and light mayo and popcorn or soup

Tacos made with Quorn meatless grounds (only 90 cals and no fat per serving, and I SWEAR, you will think it's ground beef!!!)
Turkey burgers with salad, homemade ranch, and baked fries
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Quorn "chicken" nuggets with mashed potatoes and green beans (These nuggets taste BETTER than frozen chicken nuggets. No grisels or nasty slimy parts!)

One thing I am working on is making Friday night my "cheat" meal, but working harder to keep myself in check the rest of the weekend. I can be a little looser on Saturday and Sunday without totally blowing it! This Friday, we went to Destihl. I did ok during dinner-- a turkey burger (picked off a lot of the bread, and it had no mayo or anything) and some hand-cut fries. But THEN... we ordered the carrot cake! (drum roll please!)

OMG, so good! It was probably the best carrot cake I have ever had, and you can't tell in this pic, but it was HUGE! We couldn't even eat it all! Worth every calorie, though!

All in all, it was a good week! I am looking forward to resting my tired legs tomorrow, and looking forward to the week ahead! :)

My tip for you for the week: Buy some workout clothes that make you feel good! Things I look for are bright colors, colors that I wear in my everyday wardrobe (i.e., lots of pink and gray!), styles that flatter my figure, and FUNCTION! It needs to stretch and move with me, so that I'm not thinking about adjusting my clothes during my workout.  For me, if I look good, I feel good, and if I feel good, I workout harder! Try it!! 

Cheers to the weekend, and the week ahead, my dears!!



  1. I'm with you regarding fun workout clothing. I like to be creative with work clothes so why not enjoy workout clothes! Clothes are what keep me accountable as I want to feel good in them and my skin! XOXO Julie!
    Love, Sonya