Sunday, January 27, 2013


Happy Sunday, my friends! Like most muscles, willpower is something I find gets stronger with practice! I exercised mine this past Friday when a coworker brought donuts to work. I'm not usually too tempted by sweets, but dang, it was SO hard this week! But I did it! Did not eat a single donut. Go me!

Saturday, however, I made M&Ms cookies.. WHY, o why did I do that? Ate too many of them... so much for willpower. *sigh*

BUT! Today I refrained from eating anymore cookies, and resisted the temptation. Woo!

How did you do this week on the nutrition and exercise front? I stayed in my calorie budget most everyday, and did well with my workouts as well! Here's my recap!

Monday was Turbo! We had a super fun group, and pushed hard for 45 minutes. Burned a bajillion calories! It was awesome!

Tuesday was my rest day this week because I had a trial in Wayne County, which is about 2.5 hours away. I was gone from 6 in the morning til about 6:45 that night. And, after the day I had, I just needed some wine, some water, and my bed.

Wednesday I did PiYo at the Y. Since I had rested on Tuesday, I was really able to push hard! We did 2094385729348572348 pushups, plus planks, squats, lunges, and more! It was a great workout, and a great energetic group!

I wore my organic cotton WunderUnders and my pretty pink No Limits Tank.
Thursday I hurried home from work and did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 2. This workout focuses on shoulders, which used to be my weak area, but PiYo has really made them stronger! Makes me feel good to go up in my weights!
Right after lifting, I taught Turbo at Refinery. We got started late due to some studio confusion, but it was an amazing fun group. They were energetic, and kept me going! NO time to be tired! :) 

I wore my pink shell Chase Me skirt (LOVE. IT!) and my discovery stripe Scoop Tank!
Friday I rested again.
Saturday was PiYo at the Y! It was SO hard to wake up, but I'm always glad I did once I get there. Good thing I'm the instructor, so I can't wimp out! :) As usual, another great workout! My legs were like noodles afterwards! 

I wore my pinstripe Clam Diggers, a white Flow Y bra, and a black Deep Breath Tank. 
Today, Sunday, I went to a RIPPED class at Refinery. I LOVE taking a class sometimes! It's such a treat as an instructor! I had some trouble with my asthma (BOO!) but once I used my inhaler (should've done that before I started), I was fine. Great workout with great friends! :)
I wore my indigo quiet stripe Speed Shorts, and my pink shell Cool Racer Back (and shoes, I promise!)
I made lasagna tonight! I make it from scratch, even the sauce. It tastes sooo decadent and rich, but really isn't too bad on the calorie-front. A GINORMOUS serving has about 400 calories. Definitely worth every one! I also use no-boil lasagna noodles, which are so easy, and thin, so helps keep it a little lighter. 

Doesn't that look DELISH?! This is HALF the recipe-- it makes enough to feed a small army. :)
SO! Here is my workout plan for next week!
Monday: ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3 i the morning (if I can get to bed in time tonight!) and TURBO at Refinery 6pm!

Tuesday: Run or TurboFire HIIT in the morning (temps are supposed to be super warm, so fingers crossed it's not raining at 5:30am!) and PiYo at Refinery, 5:30pm!

Wednesday: POSSIBLE ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1 (depending on how tired I am/how my body feels) and PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm!

Thursday: TurboFire HIIT at 5:30am.

Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am.
Sunday: TBA-- I will do some combination of cardio and strength training. Possibly RIPPED, run, ChaLEAN Extreme, BodyPump, WE SHALL SEE!)
And here is my meal plan for next week!
  • Leftover lasagna and salad with  homemade ranch dressing.
  • Turkey burgers, frozen fries, and salad.
  • Baked alfredo tilapia and green beans.
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
  • Amy's frozen burrito and tortilla chips.
  • Amy's veggie lasagna (lots of lasagna this week, HA!)
  • Turkey burgers with green beans or salad.
  • Turkey sandwich on whole wheat.
I am still working to limit myself to one cheat day, rather than the whole weekend. I did MUCH better this weekend, especially today. I had my Shakeology today, which always helps, and no sweets. Exercising my willpower and doing better each week! You can do it too, friends!
CHEERS to the week ahead-- make it a good one!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love It!

It's true. Everyday, getting stronger. Always making progress. Doing it b/c you CAN! Get out there and get fit! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Progress, Not Perfection, or, I Ate The Cookie...

Happy Sunday once again, my friends! Did you have a good week? How was your weekend? I felt like this was a really good week for me, and a fabulous weekend as well! How did everyone do with your fitness goals? I stayed on track most of the week, and this was one of my better weekends for sure. I still ate a (rather large) cookie tonight, but my overall weekend eating was much better than usual. Progress, not perfection!! :)

Here's my recap of the week!

Monday I had TurboKick at Refinery. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning (per usual), but otherwise, it went well! I had 4 or 5 participants, and they really kicked some booty! Slowly but surely, I think we will build up the Turbo following at this gym! People just have to try it, and soon they'll be hooked! I haven't found a better cardio workout anywhere, and it's SO FUN! We did 45 minutes and 3 Turbo sections-- great calorie burn!

Tuesday I got up at 5am (ok ok, it was 5:20) to pump some iron. I did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3, which is chest and back. It was intense, but lifting SHOULD be intense! Go heavy or go home, right?! I left out some of the leg exercises, because of PiYo later.

I was starving afterwards so I made myself this delish breakfast: egg whites with cherry tomatoes, and toast with a dab of butter, plus my normal coffee. Mmmm!

Tuesday evening I taught PiYo at Refinery. Lesson 24 is intense, and a particularly great leg and cardio Lesson. Actually, it's pretty intense on the core and arms as well. I die! I had a guest instructor, Melanie, for a few tracks, and she was so much fun! It's nice to be on the other side of the mic from time to time-- it went great!

I wore my gray and cream Free to Be tank and my black Zella capris.

Wednesday I got up at 5:15ish, with the intention of running, but I was SO tired, and my legs were still tired from PiYo, so I didn't end up going. I boiled some eggs for my lunch (tuna salad), and made myself breakfast. It was nice to have some extra quiet time. 
Instead, I ran 2.5 miles at lunch with my friend/coworker Jana. It was an "ok" run. I had an asthma flare up, which really slowed me down, but I still finished, and was glad I did! 

Wednesday night I taught PiYo at the Y. We had a huge class-- I think 21 people?!-- and it was super super intense. We did the Plank track, AND the pushup track. Again, I DIED! So hard, but so fun! I left a puddle on my mat! 

I wore my black and white stripe Run:Speed Shorts and my pow pink No Limits Tank.
Thursday I got up at 5:20 (AGAIN! GO ME!) and did TurboFire HIIT 20. This is my favorite TF workout, and definitely my favorite HIIT workout. I had some Results and Recovery Formula in my water to get some calories in my body as I worked, and it really helped keep my energy up! I pushed HARD, and was dripping sweat by the end! (I did not take a sweaty pic for you. You're welcome.)
Friday I got up, once again, at 5:20 (this has to be a record for me!) to lift. I did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1, which is bi's and tri's. It's my favorite for sure. My biceps and triceps are really pretty strong, so I always feel really accomplished when I do this one. I did need a little extra motivation, though, so I wore a cute outfit even though no one would see it (except my blog readers). :)

I wore my black and white striped speed shorts again (Hey, they were handy) and my silver grey Power Y tank.
Friday at lunch, I ran 2 miles with Jana again. MUCH better run this time! The weather was great-- a little windy, but sunny and mid-40's. Lovely. :)
As a side note, I was EXTREMELY thankful on Friday for Beachbody's Results and Recovery Formula. I drank 2 scoops during and after my workout Friday morning, and I was barely sore from ChaLEAN. (Last time I did Push 1, I could barely straighten out my arms the next day!) That stuff is legit-- highly recommend! Let me know if you wanna try it! 
 Mmm Blue Moon. Perfect end to a long Friday! :)

Saturday I taught PiYo at the Y! You know the usual PiYo raving I do... ;) This was a class of 18, FABULOUS! What a dedicated group, getting up early on a Saturday! :)

I got this new skirt that I am SO SO SO SO SO excited about! It's a Chase Me Skirt in Pink Shell, and a Lululemon "angel" shipped it to me from Georgia! I am wearing it here with my grey and polar cream Free to Be tank. Isn't it ADORABLE!? I plan to be wearing it pretty frequently. :))))

Saturday afternoon I headed to my mommy's. We hung out all evening and all morning/early afternoon Sunday, so Sunday was my rest day this week. Lovely. :)

Overall, a great week!! 

Here's the plan for next week:

Monday: Turbo, 45 minutes, HIIT style
Tuesday: I have a trial out of town and had to sub out my PiYo class, so I may do ChaLEAN Extreme Push 2 after I get home, depending on how late it is. If it's too late, may have to make Tuesday a rest day...
Wednesday: Run 2-3 miles, PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm. 60 minutes, HUGE calorie burn!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am
Sunday: Run 3-4 miles, ChaLEAN Extreme Push 2 or 3, depending on Tuesday.

Meal plan for next week:
  • Tacos made with Quorn grounds instead of ground beef
  • Turkey burgers with fries, salad, and homemade ranch
  • Tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • Organic pot pies and steamed veggies
  • Taco salad leftovers
  • Turkey burger with salad
  • Amy's vegetable lasagna
  • Amy's burrito
  • Steamed veggies to go with any of the above
  • Salad to go with any of the above
For snacks I bought some Wholly Guacamole, popcorn, and of course I have Shakeology.

One thing I was conscious of while grocery shopping this week was buying things that were organic and non-GMO. Do some research on GMO foods... let me know your thoughts!

Lesson of the week, as the title of today's blog suggests, is PROGRESS, not PERFECTION! Keep that in mind as you work towards your goals, whether fitness goals or life goals! One step at a time!

Cheers to the week ahead!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Loving 2013!

Hello, and happy weekend, my friends! How is your 2013 going so far? So far, so good for me! I have been SUPER tired this week-- not sure what's up with that? I felt like I couldn't get enough sleep! However, my workouts went awesomely well, and I did pretty good with my nutrition as well! Here's my recap!

Monday was my first TurboKick class at Refinery! It was small, but we had so much fun! It is only 45 minutes, so I taught it HIIT style, with a Turbo after each section. I was dripping! Hoping to see more faces there next week!!

Tuesday I just did PiYo at Refinery-- my legs were stiff from Turbo, and I knew they'd take a beating with Lesson 24! This Lesson is no joke. It's cardio, strength, core, stretching- the whole works! I left a puddle of sweat on my mat, and the class's energy was through the roof! Love them!

I wore my Gather & Crow Crops, shell pink Cool Racer Back, and my Toasty Tech Pullover for to-and-from. I LOVE this pullover. I think I need more colors. ;)
Wednesday I ran 2 miles with my friend Jana at lunch. It was great, EXCEPT, I was way overdressed and got a lil overheated. :) Wednesday evening was PiYo at the Y! We had 21 people in class, and man, were they energetic! Everyone worked really hard, and it kicked my booty, per usual! Loved it! 
I wore my Gather & Crow crops again, and my Flash Power Y tank!
Thursday I had TurboKick at Refinery again-- this time I team-taught with Secily, which was a blast!!!! We switched every 2 sections, which was great! We had a pretty big class, and they seemed to have fun! I KNOW they burned a ton of calories! 
I had planned to lift before Turbo on Thursday evening, but I just plain forgot. I came home and tried on 395903487593457 different outfits before I remembered my plan. Whoops! 

I finally settled on my black Lulu skirt and my pink shell Cool Race Back!
Friday I normally rest, but it was 55 degrees yesterday, so I decided to switch things up! First, I got up early, thanks to some accountability from my friends Serena and Jana, and did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 2. This Circuit focuses on shoulders, my least favorite. The workout is only about 30 minutes, though, so I sucked it up, and got it done! Yay! 
Then, Jana and I ran 3 miles at lunch. My legs were TIRED, so this was a little rough, but we still finished in pretty good time! The weather was beautiful-- perfect temp for running! 
I wore my black Zella Live-In Capris, my gray and polar cream Free to Be tank, and my pig pink Long Sleeve Swiftly. Perfect for the temp!

Today was PiYo at the Y! We did lotsssss of pushups, and lots of squats and lunges, per usual-- my legs were like "Whaaaaaaaat are you doing to us?!" It was good, though! 19 people really brought the energy!! Loooved it!

I wore black Zella live-in capris and my pink shell Cool Racer Back!

Tomorrow I will be lazy BUM, and ressssst!

Workout plan for next week:
Monday: Turbo at Refinery at 6pm
Tuesday:  ChaLEAN Extreme, Push Circuit 3 in the morning, PiYo at Refinery at 5:30pm
Wednesday: Early morning run, 2.5-3 miles and PiYo at the Y at 6:40pm
Thursday: Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm
Friday: Rest
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am
Sunday: 3 mile run and ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1

I stuck to my eating plan all week! (I have determined, unfortunately, that Jimmy Johns upsets my stomach too bad for me to even enjoy eating it anymore. I am not sure if it is the bread, or the lettuce, or what? It was miserable, though. So, that won't be on my "lunches" list again...) Otherwise, I did well, and stayed within my calorie budget everyday but one.

Here are the meals I have planned for the upcoming week!

Turkey burgers and popcorn or soup, two days
Amy's Light and Lean Lasagna
Evol chicken and lime burito
Tuna salad with egg whites and light mayo and popcorn or soup

Tacos made with Quorn meatless grounds (only 90 cals and no fat per serving, and I SWEAR, you will think it's ground beef!!!)
Turkey burgers with salad, homemade ranch, and baked fries
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Quorn "chicken" nuggets with mashed potatoes and green beans (These nuggets taste BETTER than frozen chicken nuggets. No grisels or nasty slimy parts!)

One thing I am working on is making Friday night my "cheat" meal, but working harder to keep myself in check the rest of the weekend. I can be a little looser on Saturday and Sunday without totally blowing it! This Friday, we went to Destihl. I did ok during dinner-- a turkey burger (picked off a lot of the bread, and it had no mayo or anything) and some hand-cut fries. But THEN... we ordered the carrot cake! (drum roll please!)

OMG, so good! It was probably the best carrot cake I have ever had, and you can't tell in this pic, but it was HUGE! We couldn't even eat it all! Worth every calorie, though!

All in all, it was a good week! I am looking forward to resting my tired legs tomorrow, and looking forward to the week ahead! :)

My tip for you for the week: Buy some workout clothes that make you feel good! Things I look for are bright colors, colors that I wear in my everyday wardrobe (i.e., lots of pink and gray!), styles that flatter my figure, and FUNCTION! It needs to stretch and move with me, so that I'm not thinking about adjusting my clothes during my workout.  For me, if I look good, I feel good, and if I feel good, I workout harder! Try it!! 

Cheers to the weekend, and the week ahead, my dears!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Recap and Plan!

Happy Sunday, friends! This was a short work week, and due to a villainous cold, also a short workout week, but here's what I did!

Monday was New Year's Eve. I was still recovering from the cold, and I spent the day shopping, then New Year's Eve-ing with the fam, so, no workout for me.

Tuesday (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) I felt much better, but I slept til noon (NOON!) so I credit it to that. I took it easy, and again, no workout.

Wednesday was my first day back in the game! I was so excited to start a new PiYo Lesson-- Lesson 24. (See previous post for my playlist!) This Lesson did not disappoint. Holy. Crap. It. Was. Hard. I was sore for three days afterwards! I love it, though-- "When you're having fun, you don't mind working hard!"

I wore my new Gather and Crow crops, and shell pink Cool Racerback. 
Thursday I got up at 5:15 to do some cardio. I did TurboFire HIIT 20 (my fave!) and then had my coffee and toast reward. (Note: My legs were so sore from Wednesday's PiYo, that this HIIT was 1000x harder than usual!)

Friday (still sore!) I rested

Saturday was the Winter Group Fitness Schedule Launch at the Y! Colleen and I taught a combination of PiYo Lessons. Wowza! It was cardio, it was strength, it was flexibility, it was awesome!!! So much fun. :)

I wore my Zella capris and my new gray and polar cream Free to Be tank!

Today I was excited to test out my new cold-weather running gear! I ran almost 3 miles, and then came home and did ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1. I had not really lifted heavy for MONTHS, so my arms are like noodles now. Washing my hair was a challenge, ha! I am sure I will be feeling that tomorrow! (You know I love it!)  I love this workout because it's intense, and it's short-- 30-40 minutes, and I'm done! If you're looking for a versatile weight-lifting program, I highly recommend this one. 

For my run, I wore my Ice Queen Pants and my Toasty Tech Pullover over a pink Long Sleeve Swiftly. My legs were slightly cold when I first started, but I warmed up after a few minutes, and then felt great! 
Tomorrow is the first day of my winter teaching schedule, so that means new (and better!) workout plans for me! Here's the workout plan:

Monday:  TURBO! at Refinery, 6pm
Tuesday: 2-3 mile run in the morning (depends how early I can drag myself up) and PiYo at Refinery, 5:30pm (Launching Lesson 24! COME!)
Wednesday: TurboFire HIIT in the morning, and PiYo at the Y, 6:40pm. (Let's feel the burn again!!)
Thursday: ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 2 in the morning (this will be interesting, as I can't eat breakfast before I workout...) and Turbo at Refinery, 6:30pm. (Team teaching with Secily! You don't wanna miss this!)
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: PiYo at the Y, 8am (Great way to start your weekend! Come!) and possibly some cardio, a run or TurboFire.
Sunday: 3 mile run, and ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3.

This schedule is a little ambitious, so I'm leaving some flexibility. If I need to, I can eliminate one of the morning workouts and bump it to Saturday. Stay tuned! :)

So happy to get back on a regular eating plan as well! Here's what I have planned for dinners this week:
  • Baked alfredo tilapia with rice pilaf and steamed veggies
  • Turkey burgers with baked fries and salad
  • Breakfast for dinner-- scrambled eggs, hash browns, and Ezekiel toast
  • Baked spaghetti with garlic bread and salad
For lunches I got mostly my usual items:
  • Amy's frozen enchiladas
  • Amy's frozen Light and Lean lasagna
  • Evol chicken and lime burrito
  • Turkey burger? 
  • Jimmy Johns? 
  • Leftovers?
I am looking forward to the week ahead! Tell me, what workouts do YOU have planned for the week? Share, and we'll hold each other accountable!

Happy New Year, friends!